What Do Bill Gates and Information Products Have in Common?

Posted by: Socrates Socratous on: Apr 6th, 2006

Subject: Bill Gates Gave me a Great Idea (its not what you think)…

Dear Friend,

As I was reading the news today, I stumbled upon
an interesting article written by Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO).
In the article Bill explains how he spends his
days at work and home. It gave me a good insight on
how a very successful Businessman tackles each task
to make sure his 50,000 employee company, runs smoothly.


while the article is interesting, I discovered something
that gave me a money making idea. Near the top of the article
there were some hyperlinked words (such as the word: “Research”).
I went ahead and clicked on Research, curious what was
behind it. What I found just blew my mind away…

Before I tell you what was behind that link, lets take
a step back…

Since you are on my newsletter you probably know that
I am a very big fan of selling information products
for profit. I have been selling information over the
years with great success both on eBay.com and my website.
In fact many people consider me an expert in the field.

The fact that selling information can be totally automated
from Selling to Delivering (downloading), makes it
the absolute best thing to sell online today. And
the profit margin nearly 100% beats any physical product
any time.

However, I am always open in different ways to profit
from information. And what I discover from time to time
never ceize to amaze me.

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever written a research paper in school?
Have you ever written a term paper?
How about an essay?

Well, What happened to that work?

Now let me get back to the Gates article. Near the top
Bill says: (I quote)

“It’s pretty incredible to look back 30 years to when
Microsoft (Research) was starting and realize how work has been

When you click on the word “Research”, a new page comes up
where there is a research paper documenting financial
information, performance data etc for the past 3 years
probably showing how Microsoft stands where it is today.

This 12 page Research paper sells for $20.00!!

Wow, pretty good for 12 pages of information you can
sell over and over again.

You probalby wondering by now…

So, Socrates, How do I profit from this?

I am getting there 🙂

Let’s consider the following scenario:

Lets say you have a farm and you are an expert in
cows. You put together a quick 10-15 “research paper”
detailing how to prevent certain illnesses and
care for your cows well being. How to make the
cows produce more milk without hormones, etc…
(you are the expert).

Now, when you are done with the research paper,
write an article about how certain illnesses affect
the farming industry and how hormones are bad etc…

Your article should make sense as a standalone piece of news.
However,whoever is interested to learn more information
about illness prevention or other statistical info
will buy your research paper for $15- $20, so make
sure to include links to the page you sell your research paper

Next, search the internet for Press Releases and
submit your article to as many as you can. Press Releases
can get picked up by google, news channels, they can
even call you from the radio for more info.
Powerful stuff.

That is money on autopilot. Then move on to the next
research paper…

Just some food for thought!

Here are the link to the above pages
(make sure to read the whole thing above otherwise
it will not make sense to you)

Bill Gates Article:

Research Paper Page:

Till Next time…

Partner to your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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One Comment

  1. its_me_shanerson 06 Apr 2006 at 1:34 pm

    HA! thats a good one. I was doing some article research justthis weekend, you know looking for what people want to know about. Funny how things work out eh. BLAMMO I get this very same idea in my in box, great mids think alike. Though I hadnt “really” considered selling the info. I guess I should huh !!

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