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Posted by: Socrates Socratous on: May 18th, 2006

Video products are being bought and sold online
with increasing popularity. As bandwidth continues
to increase, the possibilities and the ways that
the Internet can be used for commerce also widen.
Most of the various types of media have been
digitalized and are now available for download
via the Internet in some way.

Things move very quickly on the Internet and in
technology in general. Whereas, in the past,
a music file was considered to be a considerably
large download, these days, their size is quite
insignificant. Even large video files are
downloaded from the Internet on a regular basis.

Selling video products on eBay can be quite a lucrative
endeavor. Since videos are digital information and
can be handled as instant downloads, you can pretty
much run an eBay business selling videos and video
products on autopilot. This means that you have the
option of simply listing your video products for sale
on eBay, making use of software that allows customers
to instantly download your videos after making a
payment, to send automated, personalized email messages
to your customers and not have to worry about the
processing of video sales once items are listed.

If you make the decision to allow your customers to
download video files instantly upon payment, make the
information on your products as detailed and clear as
possible; answer all of their questions before they ask them.
Also, make it clear in your listing that the consumer
will be free to download the product immediately after
paying. For the most part, eBay customers will
expect to see a description of the video file, a
copy of the promotional cover if it is a commercial
video and the price of the video. All of this
information can be entered on eBay when you first
list the item. You can also consider putting up
a short sample of the video (ebay supports flash Video)

To allow the instant download of video files you will
have to give considerable thought to the way that you
offer this feature. In the past, eBay vendors might
have manually emailed download links to customers upon payment.
This option very quickly becomes tedious, especially as sales
increase. After all, it requires the vendor to be online
at all times to provide prompt service. Or it requires the
customer to wait until the next time that the vendor
is online before they can gain access to the file they have purchased.
Also Videos are still quite large to be sent as attachments.

Although a delayed response was an acceptable
option in the past, the expectations of the
average, online shopper increases at a
parallel rate to advancements in Internet technology.
These days, eBay shoppers expect to be able to
access their digital products instantly. You, the
digital vendor must keep up to date with your technology.
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