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This post is about the new eBay change
in selling digital products in their marketplace.

Here is the related link:

My thoughts:

Ebay will do what they think benefits the majority
of their users. In this case they decided to crack
down on the “sneaky” sellers that abuse the feedback
system and YOU as the honest seller, are also affected.

Personally, I see this as a GREAT opportunity for
people that understand marketing to thrive.

It actually reminds me of 5-6 years ago when digital
products were actually selling for real money.
This policy will weed out the people that bring
YOUR prices down to almost nothing.

This is NOT the time to give up.
To the contrary, this is the time to see
the opportunity and take advantage of it.

I have been teaching my students for some
time now, to use ebay as a LEAD GENERATION
system and not necessarily to make profits
from the actual items sold through the auction.
The REAL money is the money you can make from
promoting more expensive and related items to
those leads.
You start by instantly upselling an item immediatly
after the ebay sale, and continue to promote to
that customer all the way down your marketing funnel.

Whoever has been using this approach, will not
be affected by this policy, but benefited.
Ebay saw the lead generation potential of digital
products and acted accordingly asking you to list
them in their Lead Generation format; the Classified Ad.


And to those that think MyDD is no longer good,


MyDD is more necessary NOW than ever.
In fact, now you will be forced to see the REAL
potential of the MyDD system.

Stay with me here and read below.

Digital Sales through classified ads CAN BE AUTOMATED
the same way and never have to manually send out
an email with the download links.

Listing a classified ad may in fact turn out to be
cheaper for you since it runs for 30 days and you
can include links and optin forms on them.
(quick tip: on the thank-you url of your optin form,
you can include the Buy Now LINK created by MyDD,
and as soon as someone opts in, they can be redirected
to payment. you can say something like:
enter your name and email to receive ordering instructions.)

You should still use MyDD to send the product
instantly as an additional free service,
while person is waiting for the CD.
Think about it.

Even though ebay restricts downloadable items now, ebay BUYERS
(that means: YOUR customerS) still expect the
IMMEDIATE download. So, you NEED to offer it to
them IN ADDITION to sending the CD.
You will still have the same advantage over the sellers that just ship.

There is Nothing to prohibit you from mentioning
in your ad that they will be receiving the digital
download as an ADDITIONAL BONUS. DO IT

There wont be any other way for people to instantly
download a product they purchased with Buy NOW,
unless you offer it as a BONUS to your CD.

You can also automate the sending of your CDs.
A few of our MyDD customers use the BCC feature
of the software, to instantly send an email to
a person/company that burns the product on the CD
and sends it out for them.
Remember, the S&H is paid by the customer.
The price of the actual product can remain the same.

ebay prohibits Digitally Delivered PRODUCTS.
However, certain items cannot be sent in any
other way, nor be put on CDs.

For example, selling access to your private site
(which COULD contain the same info as the book)
can offer the same benefits as an ebook
AND CAN be automated. MyDD can be setup to send
a unique username/password for
every customer that purchases an item.

Items in this category.
– Access to your private forum
– Access to your membership site
– Webhosting
– Account on your WEB-BASED software
– Timely delivered newsletter *

None of the above can be put on a CD and
there is NOTHING to download.
MyDD in fact is the ONLY software that can allow
selling of such services.

NOTE: since this is a new rule, this may be a
gray area. Should you decide to list items
in the above categories, I would suggest to
give it a decent price (at least a couple of dollars)
to avoid being flagged by the feedback policy.

in addition, you still NEED to capture all
your customer’s information and organize them
in an easy to use format so that you can run
reports, send emails to all or groups of customers for additional sales.

Instant integration of your autoresponder software
or service is also very important in your business.
If you go the shipping route (and ship CD’s DVDs,
printed material etc) there will not be a connection
between your customer AND your email list.
By using MyDD, your customer is INSTANTLY and
automatically added to your mailing list software
even when you sell physical products.

Do NOT underestimate the power of the INSTANT upsell.
MyDD users report up to 500% increase in their profits
by using INSTANT upsells with their ebay items.
Even though you will be able to include a brochure
with your package (when you ship the physical disk)
NOTHING beats the effectiveness of an IMMEDIATE upsell
that takes place moments after the purchase.
In fact, you SHOULD include a brochure in ADDITION
to the instant upsell with MyDD.

If you have any concerns or comments, please post here
and I will be back to address them.

I was going to include more info here, but the
post got way too long so, I ll wait and post more

Post your COMMENTS below

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

Rumor has it that I fell off the
face of the earth!

Sorry to disappoint 🙂

Truth is, I spent the last couple
of days in bed sick. I am a lot
better today but here is the kicker:

Apparently being in bed, I didnt
really spend any time in front
of the computer (other than checking
my email on my laptop)


I wake up saturday morning, turn
on my computer, and I logged into
my back office to check my sales…

Over $3209 in sales while I was
in bed sick for 2 days.

That is over 10 times more than
some people that I know make at
their full time job when they
actually SHOW UP!

All my sales come from the internet
and on AUTOPILOT which means wheather
I am there or not, sales will pour in.

And that, my friend, did not happen
by chance. I honestly worked hard
for it.


It ALL started with one thing
It ALL started on one single Place
It ALL came together with ONE Idea

It all started with Resell Rights products
on eBay and the idea of automating the

I can definitely and publicly admit
that using Resell Rights and using eBay as
a leverage, I built a six figure business
in less than a year.

Profiting from resell rights products
can be as easy as:

– Putting an ad on eBay
– Having a bank account
– Ability to check your email
* Following a proven BLUEPRINT plan

Oh, did I tell you that I am not

Other people that actually take action
can achieve similar results.

One such person is my friend John.
John has built a 6 figure business
by selling resell right products on

John also documented the whole process
STEP by STEP in videos.

I saw it!

It’s So Good
It’s a no brainer
It is Really Step By step.

Weather you are a totally new or a
seasoned marketer, this blueprint will
teach you things you didnt know ( i even
learned some things I will be using soon)

Today you can actually get your hands
on John’s Videos and the complete blueprint

In fact I am so excited, I ll throw in
my own bonus. When you get John’s Blueprint
today, I ll also send you the full
Private Label Rights teleseminar Audio
in MP3 format where you will learn
how to profit from PLR and How to outsource

Get the blueprint from my link today
and not only i ll send you the MP3, I ll
also send you the full 60+ page transcription
of the 2 hour event in PDF so you can
take notes, highlight important parts
and keep as a reference.

This is a $47 value, and you will get
it as my gift to you.

All you got to do, is get the blueprint
from here and forward me your receipt
by replying to this email.

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous
P.S. You can only get the bonus today by
geting The blueprint from MY Link below:

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

Dear Blog Reader,

After MANY requests I am doing a
series of Lessons to educate
YOU, of all the stuff you can do
with MyDD to superBoost your Business…

Today’s Topic:

Multiple Item Sales/Auctions

Starting with MyDD 3.1, (released
Dec 11, 2007), MyDD can also handle
Paypal “Add to Cart” Buttons


Multiple Items on eBay. This means
that your website or ebay customer
can purchase More than ONE item in the
SAME transaction and MyDD will
automatically handle the SECURE delivery
of ALL items in that transaction.

If you havent downloaded MyDD yet
go here:

Here are some profit boosting ideas:

1. If you currently sell ONE product
on your website, replace the Buy now
button with an Add to Cart button,
and allow the customer to “ADD” an
cheaper related item to their purchase
(over 28% take My addon)

2. On your ebay store, you can now
encourage people to buy more items
for a shipping discount.
(MyDD will send all of them)

3. Have a “resource” type store
with ALL your digital products
on your website and send
customers AFTER they buy from
you on ebay for more stuff
(hint: use add to cart Buttons to
allow people to buy multiple
items from your resource store)

4. If you already offer more than
one items on one page, then
replacing the Payment links with
“add to cart links” can boost
your value per customer

To upgrade to Version 3.1 today,
go here:

Stay tuned for my next
Success Boosting Tip

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. If you want to be ready to
take advantage of my next tip when
it arrives, Upgrade MyDD here:

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

Today’s Topic:

** Build your Email List
Automatically with MyDD

** 4 Profitable Ideas to
Put into Action Immediately

Starting with MyDD 3.1, (released
Dec 11, 2007), MyDD can also be
integrated with ANY autoresponder
service or mailing list software.

This means that your website or
ebay customer can be Automatically
added to your mailing list at the
time of their payment (while you
are out doing something else)

this is VERY powerful. In fact,
MyDD can add your customer to
a DIFFERENT mailing list Based on
the Product they purchased.

This way you can keep your lists
segmented so that you can do very
targeted promotions.

If you haven’t downloaded MyDD yet go here:

Here are some profit boosting ideas:

1. Find some affiliate programs
that are very targetted to the
digital products you sell on ebay
and create an autoresponder series
promoting the aff. programs.
MyDD will handle the “adding” to your
autoresponder so you can make
autopilot commissions

2. Using an autoresponder system, send
your customers more offers automatically
at regular intervals after they
purchase. (after 1 day, 3, days, 5 days
etc). Based on my tests, I get
over 18% conversions up to the 8th
time I send an email about the SAME
offer. dont leave money on the table.

3. Use your mailing list to keep
bringing those customers back
into your ebay store for more stuff
(HINT: Ebay store items cost far LESS
to be listed)

4. And the biggie: Get your customers
to know you by automatically sending
them a series of emails. This
Relationship-Builder, will be
crucial when you decide to promote
ANY products to your customers in the

To download Version 3.1 today,
go here:

Stay tuned for my next
Success Boosting Tip

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. If you want to be ready to
take advantage of my next tip when
it arrives, Download MyDD here:

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

I just witnessed the SIMPLEST
most innovative way of building a
large mailing list, get this…


In fact, you give ANY product
away for free, or you Sell it
on eBay for cheap and voila…

Your list is on the Way

This is one of the most Viral
ways you can generate a massive
mailing list, by selling
resell rights products.

Let me explain how this works:

1. You have a product
(ANY Digital Product will work)

2. You run it through a “special”
software that LOCKS it with
a special CODE

3. You give it away or sell it OR
have others distribute it for you
by granting master resell rights

4. Everyone that gets a copy of the
software MUST enter their name
and email into YOUR autoresponder
in order to get an unlock code.

4. You sit back and watch your list Grow

I used a Similar Method last year
that added over 1230 people to my
list by giving away ONE ebook

I strongly urge you to get yourself
a copy of this powerful software Today.

Dan is allowing me to tell you about
the software, while its still in the
introductory pricing.

If you give away or Sell ebooks in
any way, you NEED this software.

Not having it, its just leaving
money on the table, and I mean that
with all my heart.

Download your copy of Boomerang List
Builder from here:

This is NOT any type of opportunity
where you have to change everything
you do and introduce a whole lot of
new headaches to your business to make
it work

NO Way. I wouldnt even tell you
about this if it was complicated in any way.

You JUST Lock your products ONCE and
keep doing what you ‘ve been doing
all along. (with the exception that
now you are now making a list on autopilot)

Imagine, locking 20 ebooks and
selling them with resell rights on

Then you sell 10 copies a day.

that is 300 new people to your
list every month.


What if 5% of the 300 people sell
the product with Resell rights?

then you got 30 people selling
10 a day.
Let them keep all the money.
Because they have to enter their
name and email on YOUR website
to get the Unlock code.

30X300/month = 9000 subscribers
on autopilot (that’s just the first


Grab a copy right now and
start buildig a list today.

I cant believe Dan beat me to it and
made this software before me!

Till Next time,
Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. If currently sell/giveaway
ANY digital product, this product will
be Plug-n-Play profits for your business

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

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