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Over the past few years I sold thousands of items
on eBay (all of them digital products) before I
discovered the idea I am going to share with you
in this blog post.

You can sell almost anything you want on ebay as
long as it is legal and not alive.

That includes selling ebooks and other digital

I Bet you already knew that…

Am I really wasting my time here?

I dont think so! 

See, I talk with many of my thousands MyDD customers
on a daily basis and I found out that around 95% fail
to see the bigger picture

Most of these people are satisfied making a few bucks
per ebook they sell on eBay.  I say satisfied because
they DONT know what I am about to share with you.

eBay is an excellent source of targetted traffic.
Traffic from eBay is very different than the traffic
from PPC and Google Adwords.


Because people that browse on eBay are Looking to
BUY something, meaning they are customers.

People that browse Google are mostly looking for free

Got that?
The best way to use eBay is for LEAD GENERATION. in
other words, sell some ebooks on ebay for cheap with
the intention
of taking that new customer you got
for $5 and upsell something that is worth $65.

If it costs you $1 in fees to make that $5 sale, you
will need to sell 1000 ebooks every month in order to
make $4000.

That requires a lot of time and work to reach that level
not including the customer service headache of 1000
people a month, if you actually manage to sell 1000

Most people GIVE UP before they even come close to that

Now if you immediately offer an upsell for $65 to all
of your $5 customers, and lets say 1 out of 4 takes
your offer. that means for every 4 customers you make
((4 * $4) + $65) =$81.

That gives you a profit of about $20 per customer
instead of $4. Now you only need to make 200 sales a
month to reach $4000. that comes down to about 7 sales
a day
. which is very doable on ebay.
Now let me explain how this compares to google adwords.

When you post a listing on eBay you need to pay fees.
Lets say you pay  35 cents to post an ad for 7 days.

If you get 7 people to click on your ad, in reality
you paid 5 cents per click.

The way people find your ad on ebay is by searching
using the eBay search function.

Ebay will look for the search term in all listing titles
in their system and will show all listings that contain the
search term

So if you have a keyword-packed title in your ebay
listing, your ad will show every time someone searches
for those keywords, and you will get more clicks for the
same 35 cents.

That my friend, is what ebay and adwords have in common.

Your goal is to setup your listings so that they are
keyword packed to get more clicks for the same money.

THEN, take those leads you generated, and leverage them.

This is the way to make the real money on eBay. It is
also the way to test your sales pages and processes
before moving into Adwords.

That is the secret to eBay and adwords success,


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Till Tomorrow,

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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Everywhere I look, people are eager to generate traffic
to their websites with the hope of making a few bucks.

Is traffic really the holy grail of a successful internet business?

If you answered yes, THINK AGAIN

Traffic is a very important part of a successful website
BUT if you dont have the other parts in places, it will be
a waste of time and money!

In order for your traffic to actually worth anything, you
must do SOMETHING with it.

I call this “The Journey“. The marketing term for it is
“marketing funnel”.

In short, it is the FLOW of traffic to and through your business.
It involves capturing some of the traffic (lead generation)
and moving the leads through different stages in order to
increase their value (value of your lead = how much
money you make from  a lead during the life of their relationship
with you.)

For example:

  • 1000 visitors go to your website (traffic)
  • 500 of them optin for a newsletter (leads)
  • 50 of them purchased a $100 product (customers)
  • 25 of those 50 purchased an additional $500 item (leverage)
  • 10 of the 25 purchased a coaching program for $5000 
    (more leverage)
  • 5 of them pay you $1000/month for continued education
    (Residual income)

The process above will NOT happen on its own. It is a journey
YOU must take your visitors through and do it correctly in
order for it to work.

Note that the numbers of people are decreasing with every step
creating a “funnel” effect.

This is a simplified example to show you how it works.
It can be extended further to increase the value even more.

I created a diagram to show you a metaphorical representation
of this concept which I think will “stick” in your mind and help
you always keep it in mind when you create and optimize
your business.

I call this “The Swimming Pool” concept.

Click on the image below to open in a new window.


Let me explain what this means and what it means for the success
of your business.

There is a “RIVER“.

You take a “HOSE” and you plug it into the river.

The hose takes water from the river and adds it into your

The SUN heats up the pool and evaporates a percentage of
the water inside the pool. (lost water)

there is a PUMP that filters the water from the pool and
adds it back into it.

There is also another HOSE that takes water from the pool
and adds it into the SPA.

The Red arrows show the direction of the flow in the diagram.

This is how a real live swimming pool works. So keep this in

How Does this relate to your Business?

Lets break it down:

The river represents the traffic source. For example Google Adwords
represents a river of people.

Having a hose bringing water to your pool, is like having an adwords
campaign driving traffic to your website(s).
Some people will opt-in or buy, some will leave. 
People leaving (loss) is represented by the evaporation.

As soon as people are on your customer or mailing list, they are
INSIDE your pool.

When you have an autoresponder series sent to your people from
your pool, is like the circulation pump where you take people from
the pool, fliter them and then put them back in the pool.

The evaporation process happens continuously. meaning that
you always lose people from your list

Your Goal is to bring more traffic in than what is lost through


Move people to your higher ticket items (Backend – SPA)

IF you stop bringing traffic in, your pool and spa will eventually

This is a simplified model.

More things to consider:

  • You can have the people in your pool and spa plug their hoses
    in other rivers and bring traffic to your pool (Affiliate -referral methods)
  • You can plug additional hoses to other rivers and get traffic in.
  • You can create more swimming pools and exchange traffic
    between them. (Cross Selling)
  • You can find other people with swimming pools and get them
    to exchange traffic with you (JV partners)
  • You can physically plug your hose on someone elses  pool
    and get some traffic from there (Integration Marketing)

and so forth…

As you can see from this example, Traffic itself IS NOT important.
Controlling the flow of traffic and converting it, is the
most important thing of all.

Also, knowing the cost of driving the traffic from each traffic
source and how much money that traffic is worth to you,

Knowing the value of each person in your swimming pool will
tell you exactly how much to pay for advertising without
getting burned.

Sorry for the long post.

This is VERY important to understand in order to move your
business to the next level.

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Why is it that most people never make money online?

But I bet if I ask these people that dont make
money to tell me if they know the 3 basic elements of
making money, most of them (if not all) will say

“I knew that”…

(Of course they would say that, after I tell them the
3 elements)

The question here is, since they know, why is it
that they fail to generate money from their online business?

It is because they dont really understand how these
elements work together

As I promised on Monday, I put together a short report
that talks about these 3 elements and you can download
it for FREE from here:

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Stay tuned for friday for the “evaporating swimming pool”

On friday you will clearly understand how traffic
generation works and how it is easy to make a lot of money
when you know the “evaporating swimming pool” model.

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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