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At a time where tons of people are being
google-slapped and getting desperate
this guy has been quietly making a real fortune

He’s been getting traffic from little known
sources with billions of searches per month
and been converting CPA offers like CRAZY

IF you are not familiar with cpa offers,
it’s where you make affiliate commissions
without selling ANYTHING

You should check it out. Philip has a
ton of information and videos on how to
get started and profit step by step

Here is all the info:

+Does this really work?

Heck, in 4 years Philip was able to move from
Minesotta to La Jolla (CA) , live in a 5000sqf home
by the beach and drive a freaking Bentley!

I am not saying you’ll be moving out soon
you may not make a single commission
but Philip’s story is pretty inspirational

+Does this work Today?

Just go to the site and watch the short video
it shows traffic and commissions from LAST WEEK

Check it out here

Truth is, I’ve been personally using 3 of
the underground traffic sources he reveals
and I can testify that they actually have
a LOT of traffic

I am too starting to diversify my profit sources
by adding cpa offers in my marketing

Check it out and if you feel this is a good
fit for you, I highly recommend you getting
this product. It’s very good

Go HERE to go to the Site

Till next time,

P.S. Today I tested one of the sources he revealed
in the program and got 130 clicks in 25 minutes

Philip will even give you $50 in PPC credit to get started

Get the details here

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I hope you had an awesome Memorial weekend
2 quick things for you today:

first, I just uploaded pictures from my recent trip to Canada and from attending Frank Kern’s List Control Seminar in San Diego this past weekend (tons of fun)

second, Many people were asking for this so I tried and was able to convince Jeff to send me a copy of last week’s webinar video recording

It’s posted on my blog and you should go watch it asap – great content

The photos are uploaded into my Facebook and you can view them right here:
(if you are not my friend on Facebook, add me and I will approve you asap)

You have permission to laugh at me falling off a mechanical bull…

P.S. Don’t foget to watch the webinar replay asap.
I am not sure how long Jeff will let me keep it up. Watch here:

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

My List Control Bonus just went Live at the same time Frank Kern sent out the  email to the List Control Early bird list.

At over  $18,234.00 my List Control Bonus Offer is one of the best packages I have ever offered. It includes brand new exclusive products that havent even been released to the public yet.

This Massive List Control Bonus will only be available to the first 25 people who take action.

Get all the details and Claim your bonus on my  List Control Bonus Page.

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Today I want to share strategy that will enable
you to start adding hot prospects and subscribers to
your list TODAY without spending a penny on advertising

For this strategy you will be driving visitors from social media
sites such as: twitter, facebook, myspace etc, to your website
where you will get them to subscribe onto your list

But there is a SPECIFIC way to do this properly and
your friends will love you and want more from you

*** STEP 1 ***

Get your accounts on twitter, facebook and myspace

*** STEP 2 ***

begin searching for people to follow, using keywords
targeted to your market. (bonus tip: you can also find
big players in your market, and follow their friends)

Note: facebook can shut your account if you follow
people too fast – be careful there, if you get a warning
slow down.

*** STEP 3 ***

Once you get a couple of hundred friends, the fun
starts. Now you need to be posting links on your profile
to cool and useful resources (this is what most people
do wrong)

See, people on these social media sites don’t want to be
sold (at least right away), but they engage in exchanging
links to useful articles, videos and other resources on
the internet.

This is not only acceptable, it is EXPECTED behavior

Here is the trick –

Instead of sending people to other people’s blogs, sites
etc, you will put these resources on YOUR blog.

You can find great resources from:

youtube – videos

ezinearticles – articles
associatedcontent – articles

So after you put an interesting video or article to
your blog, update your status a couple of times with
a few targeted words and a link to your blog page with
that article

People will LOVE it if you give them interesting and
useful information.

*** STEP 4 ***
Now that you get all these visitors to your blog
you need a way to capture them.

You have a couple of options:

a) You can place an optin form on the sidebar
(most common but optin rates are low)

b) you can place a popup
(annoying and can be easily blocked)

c) you can put one of those “light boxes)
where the whole screen goes black and there
is an optin form in the middle.

(while this works well, it is VERY annoying
to use this on your friends and repeat traffic
such as blog visitors

d) You can use a new and innovative “footer”
tecnhology that shows your optin form at
the lower part of your visitors’ screen
in an unobtrusive way that gets RESULTS

Option D is my favorite option that gets great
results. It can also be used in combination with
option (a) to maximize your conversions.

The system is very easy to setup and then you only
need to copy and paste a small piece of code onto
your blog to make this work

See it in action and get it for yourself here:


(note that my optin form comes up from the
bottom of the screen)

This is a simple strategy and it works.
If you don’t want to pay for your traffic, this is one
of the best methods to get people from social media onto
your list and LOVE you in the process –

and don’t forget to have your autoresponder setup to
send them more cool resources and promote products to them.

Start building your list TODAY –
The faster you do, the faster you will profit

For more details on the software I use to make
this happen, take a look here:


Till Next Time

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

I need your help on a project that I am currently working on.
It is very simple and for helping me out you can win a great prize

It will only take 5 minutes of your time to be of great help.
All you have to do is fill out the following survey to the best of your ability and you could be a big winner 🙂


1.  Sony MP3 Player ($100 value)
2.  6 month access to thousands of PLR/Master Resell Rights Products ($282 value)
3.  a copy of Sales Letter Factory software ($67 value)

To enter the drawing for a prize, all you have to do is complete the following survey. Winners will be announced on May 22nd.

*Tip:  The survey will go out to a select limited number of people. Your chances of winning a price are pretty good.

PLR = Private Label Rights
MRR = Master Resell Rights

Thank you
-Socrates Socratous

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

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