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Today I want to share with you 5 reasons why
you SHOULD promote other people’s products as
an affiliate and make a killing in the process…

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ok, now back to the article…

In case you are new to affiliate marketing, let
me quickly explain that an affiliate program is
when you sell other people’s products and
make a commission on those sales.

So why promote products as an affiliate?

Reason 1:

When you promote someone else’s product,
you dont have to do any support nor talk
to anyone. The vendor does the hard work.
All you have to do is send people to the
vendor’s website and you get a check with
your commission. Simple and Clean

Reason 2:

I know you probably want to create your own
product and sell it online. That is a GREAT idea.
However, HOW do you know if your product is going
to be a success? Can you consistently find the
right prospects for that product?

By promoting a similar or almost identical
product as an affiliate, lets you test your
idea beforehand. If you can sell the affiliate
product successfully, then all you have
to do is create your own version and divert
the prospects to YOUR website.

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Reason 3:

You also probably wish some big name guru
promoted your website so that you could
make a ton of sales fast. Why not? right?
your product is awesome. BUT the guru is not
interested in a Joint Venture with you.

Promoting that "guru’s" products as his
affiliate, will show him/her that you are
serious and that you can make some sales.
That will get their attention and open the
door for a possible JV.

[Hint: Sell a bunch of product for someone and
watch how fast they become your friend and
JV partner]

Reason 4:

Promoting already successful, proven products
almost guarantee you are going to make profit.
Promoting the RIGHT products can only mean
easy money and FAT commission checks for you

[Hint: usually proven products rank higher in
the affiliate directories they are listed]

Reason 5:

People buy millions of products every day online.
In the vast majority of the time those transactions
originate from a prospect clicking on 1 link.

If you make 50% commission on all sales generated
from some of those millions of customers clicking
YOUR link, how much would you make? you do the

Buyers click around on the net all day long,
find vendors and buy products. All you have to
do is put your links in the middle.

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Till next time,
Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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Posted by: Socrates Socratous

It’s 11 am thursday morning and I am actually
sitting at a coffee shop enjoying a nice cup
of coffee with a friend. We just finished playing
a 2 hour tennis game and we are getting ready
to go have some more fun at the shooting range.

My friend is on the phone so I decided to write
an email and share some quick tips that will help
you make more sales.

"7 things you MUST have on your Sales Page
that significantly increase sales"
1. A compelling Headline

Having a headline that states your BIGGEST
benefit and builds curiosity that leads your
reader to read further down your sales page
is a MUST.

MOST of your visitors will leave your page
BEFORE reading anything more than your headline
so the better the headline, the better the
chance to read more and close the sale

2. Listing your benefits

You should have a list of your benefits each
with an explanation on how this applies to
your reader (i.e. what is it going to do for them)

3. Testimonials

Do not underestimate the power of testimonials
Feedback from happy customers is one of the best
forms of "social proof".

If you are just starting out and have no
customers, there are a couple of things you
can do:
– ask friends and family to review your product
– Send review copies on forums to a few people
in return for a testimonial
– run a small PPC campaign before launching and
give free copies in return for feedback

4. An image that represents your product.

an ebook cover, a software box, a DVD box image
a report paperback cover image etc are some of the
ways you can represent a digital product.

The image is extremely powerful. A picture is
processed a LOT faster in people’s minds than
blocks of text describing what the picture showcases.

5. a Professionally looking design

If your website is NOT professionally looking,
then your potential customer will think that
is how sloppy your product is as well and NOT
buy from you.

A long form sales letter is Not the exception.
there are many things you can do to make it look
nicer. Here are a few:

– Put your letter in a 750 pixel table and center it
– Put your text on white background
– Use a border around your text
– Layout the elements of your sales letter using
"balanced" design principles
– Use spacing and white space to enhance reability
– etc etc

6. a PROMINANT order button/link

A light yellow box with a dotted border that
restates the main benefits and call to action
has proven to be a winner.

It is Extremely bad when your visitor is ready
to order and cannot find your order button
(it happened to me a few times.)

7. a Guarantee

You MUST have a quarantee. At least 60 days.
It always increases conversions.
But if you dont agree with me,
think about it this way:

Your customers can contact their banks and
do a chargeback which NOT only gives them
a refund, but also hurt you (you end up paying
on top of that). So why not offer the refund
since you gonna end up giving it anyway.

Just do it and you will see what I mean by
judging your results.
8. (bonus tip)
Your Bonuses.

Including relevant bonuses with your product
almost always increases conversions. It increases
your offer’s perceived value dramatically. Some
people will even buy your product JUST for the
bonuses. Make sure you give quality bonuses that
complement your product.

Ok, my friend has been off the phone for 5 min now
and he is pestering me to get going so I have to close.
(sorry if there are mistakes, no time to review)

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Stay tuned for more tips soon

till next time,
Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous
P.S. Don’t take these tips lightly. USE THEM
you WILL have a much better Sales letter.

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You hear everyone and their brother saying
over and over again "the money is in the list"

Yeah, it’s true…

It’s also true that "the gold is in the river"
but if you dont know how to *mine it*, it’s worth
nothing to you

It takes a special skill to mine gold

It also takes a special skill to "mine gold"
from your list.

Whether you have a list or thinking of starting one,
you owe it to yourself to read this email…

Today I am going to share 4 Rock SOLID, proven
strategies to profit substantially more from your list

The sooner you implement the 4 strategies below
the sooner you will see a big increase in your
bottom line:

Strategy #1 – Creating an autoresponder

Add a series of "autoresponder messages" to
be delivered at time intervals after someone
subscribes to your list. (the more, the merrier)

When you do this, someone who opts in to
your list will receive an email immediately,
then another one tomorrow, then next day,
then 3 days later and so forth. Each of these
emails is an ADDITIONAL opportunity to make
extra sales.

and best thing, its all automated.

You have to do this step immediately. it
works for all the NEW people that opt in.
in this case, whether you have 0 or 10000
people on your list, it doesnt matter.

"Get 60 professionally written, ready to
use emails to fill up your autoresponder:


Strategy #2 – How many emails to send?

Make sure to promote 1 product at LEAST 3
times before moving on to another one or
you will be leaving money on the table.

Why? People need to see the same message
multiple times before they respond.

When you find a great product, dont give up
after the first email, send more.

Don’t be surpriced if your second or third
email makes more sales than the first.

Studies show that it takes up to 8 follow ups
per product, before response starts to wind down.

if you have a list where people REQUESTED
information about a particular product, then
do 8 follow-ups.

But when it comes to your subscriber list, 8 is
too much. 3 seems to be the magic number.

"Get 60 professionally written emails that
promote 20 high quality clickbank products
You get 3 emails promoting each product:


Strategy #3 – Which product to promote?

Promote PROVEN quality products. This means
you should promote products that are good
proven SELLERS.

Each email you send is very important.
an email promoting product A could profit $100
another email to the same people promoting B
could make $1000. You better promote more of
the latter kind of products.

Finding good products to promote takes time
and an experienced eye to single them out.

On the page below you will find a list of 20
good selling products, along with 3 pre-written
emails to promote each one of them:


Strategy #4 – Choice of words

Study and learn as much as you can about
copywriting. Similar to #3. A Poorly writen
email could make a few bucks, where a well
written one could pull in thousands from the
same list. It’s *THAT* important.

Writing hypnotic emails that put your audience
into a buying trance takes a lot of skill.
If there is *ONE* thing you need to learn is
copywriting. So start learning

It costs thousands to hire experienced proven
copywriters to write copy for you.

Meanwhile to save you tons of money and time,
go download the 60 professionally written emails
that you can *immediately* use to promote 20
high quality products as an affiliate & keep
ALL the commissions you make.

(you DO NOT pay royalties to the copywriter)

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I get a lot of emails from subscribers telling me
that they dont have a list.

You know what, it was a time when I had NO list.
Fast forward a couple of short years later,
I was able to add over 250,000 subscribers to my lists.

You want to know HOW?

Here comes the Big SECRET…


…Sitting down?

Here is HOW I was able to add over 250,000 subscribers
to my lists:

*ONE Subscriber AT A TIME*

Yep. one at a time.

and the longer you put this off, the longer it will
take you. Simple as that.

so get started building a list today and incorporate
all of the above strategies.

Stay tuned for more list building secrets soon

Meanwhile, get this:

Till later,
Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. The best time to start building your list
and making sales is NOW. The longer you wait,
the longer it will take for your profits to start
rolling in.

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I got a short story for you today

Last Wednesday I stopped at a coffee shop
to have some coffee and relax a bit.

So I was sitting outside at the patio watching
all these people in "work attire" rushing in and
out the door to grab a quick coffee on their
way to work

This guy from the next table over was complaining
to someone on his cellphone that "due to the economy"
canceled his internet connection at home and had to
come to the coffee shop to check his email every day.

I have nothing against cutting something you
dont need anymore, but  why cut something you
need, or enjoy when you can have it for free.

That’s right.

a $30/month internet connection can be easily
covered with selling 1 (JUST ONE) $30 product
every month online.

a $25 water bill can be eliminated with a simple
website that makes  0.84cents a day.

Even though I did not say anythng to that man, he
made a good enough point to write this letter to you
hoping that you will see how valuable even a small
producing website can be to your lifestyle.

For step-by-step videos on how to create cash
producing websites that would cover your bills
one-by-one, go to the following page:

Moral of the story.
Dont be scarcity minded. Stop listening to the negative
news about how the world is failing around you and begin
building your OWN future. Live your life on your terms

Make sure to take action on this today

Partner to your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

I get this question frequently so I decided to write a blog post to explain how I calculate how much to bid on keywords on my Pay Per Click campaigns.

Let’s assume that you want to sell a product for $50.
We will also assume that since you are just starting a pay per click campaign, you have no conversion rate data so we will use 1% clicks to sale conversion as an average. In other words we assume you will make 1 sale for every 100 clicks.

Here is the calculation: (SP-Pr) * CR

In this example,
CR (conversion Rate) = 0.01
SP (product price) = $50.00
Pr (profit you want to make) = $0.00 (to break even)

(SP-Pr) * CR => (50-0) * 0.01 => 50*0.01 = $0.50

50 cents is the maximum you can afford to pay for each click in this situation
(note: the calculation in parentheses is done first)

Say you want to make $20 profit per sale with the above product.
The new equation becomes:

(SP-Pr) * CR => (50-20 ) * 0.01 => 30*0.01 = $0.30

This formula only accounts for one product. You should have more than just one product in your funnel. i usually aim to just break even or make a small profit on the first product sale and the upsells/future sales are pure profit.

If you are an affiliate where you only promote one product this calculation can be very powerful. Instead of the product price, make SP = your commission amount. (I generally dont promote affiliate products with less than $20 in NET commission)

Lets see some examples of this equation: (SP-Pr) * CR

If you sell a product for $27 and you convert at 2%. you want to make $10 profit per sale.
CR = 0.02
SP = $27
Pr = $10
(SP-Pr) * CR => (27-10) *0.02 => (17) * 0.02 = $0.34 Max CPC

If you sell a $4 product and you want to make $2 profit per sale, and your conversion is 3%
CR = 0.03
SP = 4
Pr = 2

(SP-Pr) * CR => (4-2) *0.03 => (2) * 0.03 = $0.06 Max CPC

In other more complex situations, when you have monthly continuity programs, back end sales, etc  where the formula can become more complicated, here is what you do to easily calculate CPC.

First figure out how much you are willing to pay for each sale, then multiply it by the CR.

For example, if you are willing to pay up to $15 to generate a sale (lead), then do the following to find your Max CPC: (we assume 1% CR in this example)

$15 * 0.01 = $0.15 Max CPC

I hope this post helps you figure out your max CPC easier. Another factor when evaluating the viability of a product to be promoted on PPC is the competition. If you are trying to bid on real estate keywords that generally go for over $1 per click, but you can only afford to pay $0.20, then you should re-evaluate your product and strategy. (hint: Your competitors can teach you a lot. Check what your competition is doing and do the same)

Post your comments or questions below

Partner to Your Success,

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

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