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Dear friend,

Creating your own products, like software,
ebooks, websites etc, can be a very tedious
and fustrating process.

However, as every successful marketer knows,
outsourcing certain parts of your business
is a MUST since it allows you to focus on
the more important things that will make
you the money. (like marketing and JVs)

Easier said than done!

I ve hired and FIRED over 80 people before
I was able to find some quality people to
work with me long term.
(in the process I also created noumerous
products and other projects)

Through this journey, I ve been scammed,
pushed around, wasted valuable time before
I was able to understand how to do it right.

My “Trial and Error” approach was painful
but taught a few important lessons.

Today I want to share with you the 7 most
important things I like to do when I outsource
ANY project online.

** Socrates’ 7 Tips to Successful Outsourcing **

When you create your Bid offer

1. Be proactive.

Be as detailed as possible without
revealing the core of your project.
Give them as much information needed
to give you a good estimate but dont
spill the “beans”

2. Specifically ask for each deliverable

Make sure to itemize EACH deliverable
in your offer. for example, if you are
requesting bids for a mini website
– graphics in photoshop format
– the actual html files
– upload the website on Your server
– integration with autoresponder form
– full source code

3. Who owns what?

Make sure to mention that this was a work
for hire and all work MUST be original unless
otherwise discussed in writing. Also, You
are the SOLE rights owner of all images,
source codes, and everything else included
in the package. The contractor will not
be allowed to resell ANY of the material
you paid him to create

4. Timeframe
Be VERY specific on the timeframe of
the project. In fact, underestimate
the time you give them to complete.
Almost ALWAYS they will not be done
in time and this becomes a negotiation
edge for you.

5. The milestome Approach

On larger projects, it may be wise
to break it down into smaller pieces
and they are delivered and paid in
sequence. So, after part one is delivered
and approved, we move to part 2 etc.

6. Request the Bids

This is a biggie. Almost ALL major
freelance websites, will allow you to
invite contractors. DO IT immediately
after you post. Invite as many contractors
you are allowed on the site. (usually
around 200). This has a few benefits.
most importantly:
– you get bids fast
– You get them to compete
– more choices for you

7. Overseas contractors

Romania, Russia and India are my
countries of choice (in this order)
for anything related to:
Technical support, programming,
Graphics. They are also very
dedicated and inexpensive.

For writing projects, stick with
English speaking countries.

8. Bonus tip:

Include the following wording at the end:
“This project is a piece of cake if you
know what you are doing. Bid wisely. If
I like your work, I will hire you again
for my other projects”

9. Bonus Tip:

NEVER NEVER pay them in advance. Use the
escrow payment of the freelance site you
are using ESPECIALLY when you dont know the
person. After you work with someone for
long enough to trust them, you may make
other arrangements

The area of outsourcing is a bit more
complicated than this guide, but if you
do all 9 steps above, you will be way ahead
than the rest.

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Till Next time,
Partner to YOUR Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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