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Dear Friend,

People ask me the same question over
and over again:

How do I build a High-Converting Website
or Auction Listing to Sell my Product?”

Truth is my friend, you NEED a Professionally looking
sales page that is built using solid techniques
in order to succeed with any product or service
on the internet.

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However, if you ever tried to create your
own sales page using HTML or an HTML editor,
you know that it is not an easy task. In
fact it can be very time consuming and very confusing.

But that is just the looks of your sales letter.
It is important that you put each component
of the salespage on the right place otherwise
it will not be as effective.

For example, Prehead goes before the headline,
Subhead goes after the headline. Software box
or ebook cover should be placed at key places
of the website. Where to put testimonials,
where to put the optin form, the order box,
benefits, testimonials, images, etc.

Good News! You dont have to take a web
design class or a copywriting class to do all
of the above.

In fact any newbie without any experience whatsoever,
can start cranking out professionally looking sales
pages in less than 20 minutes… (Wanna bet?)

Here is the proof:

Stay tuned, next time I will share a big secret
with you that can immediately use to kill your
competition even if you are selling resale rights

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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Posted by: Socrates Socratous

Why do you expect people to take action?

Do you ever wonder why some people are
successful in selling online while others aren’t?

I used to wonder about the same thing some
years ago.

when I first started online I did what most
newbies would do. I put together a webpage
threw it on the internet waiting for people
to buy my software. I was actually able to
drive traffic to that website and after
a while I started thinking that nobody
needed my product since I wasnt making any

In fact, I was surpised because I thought
my website looked pretty good. I had those
flashy buttons, a picture of my software
box, a few bullet points with the main features
and a few links to support, about me,
mission statement and some more of the
“typical” stuff I was used to see on websites

I was expecting that the website would be
successful since it looked similar to
most other websites out there. But I got nothing!

Does this remind you of anyone you know?

How about someone you know intemately?

Ever since however, I learned a lot about
internet marketing, I turned
that same website around to make me 5-figures
every month all on autopilot.

Since you are reading my newsletters I would
say you are one of the lucky ones, because
I will share my knowledge with you and
if you apply what you learn, you will also
see your sales explode…

So lets start with the basics

I want you to ask yourself one question:

*If you have a product to sell online, What would
be the purpose of your website?

…that’s right! To sell your product!!!

Key word: “Sell”

First thing you need to understand is that
your website should be crafted in such way
to do that one task, and do it best.

You have about 5 seconds to get your website
visitor’s attention. If you fail to do that,
the visitor will click his favorite [x] button
at the top right corner of his browser to get out of
your site.

Now you ask, “How do I grab my visitor’s attention
quickly in order to spend more time to my site?”

That is called the “Headline”. You need to
have a headline at the top part of your site
that will “hook” your visitor into wanting to
read more.

Do you read newspapers? magazines?
In fact the most successful magazines on the
news-stand are the ones with the best headlines
on the cover. There is an ongoing “headline”
war between these magazine publishers.

You also want to remove any links or images
from the upper part of your site to avoid
confusing the visitor. Dont give more than one
choice to your visitor. That choice should be
the headline.

If you have a link above the headline, then
you just gave 2 options to your visitor.
a) click the link
b) read the headline

You dont want to do that. Just give them the
option you want them to pick.

The headline should be followed by a sub-headline.
Its purpose is to make the reader want to read
your sales letter below.

Yes! I said sales letter. You should use a
well written, compelling letter to sell to your
prospect. You have one chance to tell your
visitor what is that you are selling and
why they should buy it from you. Tell them
EVERYTHING they need to know about your product.

See one of the first mistakes I made, was that
I didnt have a sales letter. Contrary to selling
something people are already accustomed to, a
well known brand item for instance, your item
is probably unknown to them. The purpose of that
letter is to make them feel how life would be after
owning your product. You need to familiarize
them with the item, make them feel why they
need it. Then sell it to them. Actually
they will be happy to buy it since they already
crave the feeling of owning such product.

I am not going to go too deep into the art
of copywritting. I will leave that for
future newsletters.

One of the questions I usually get, is
how long should my sales letter be? well,
there is no fixed answer to that. Your letter
should be as long as it needs to be to
tell everything about your product without
getting the reader bored.

What I am trying to say here, is that in order
to start making a successful sales website, you
need to remove all distractions (such as links
and irrelevant information, like mission statements)
and have a nice flowing sales process starting
with the headline, going through the sales letter
and concluding with the call to action

Of course there is much more to creating successful
websites (Keep reading my letter to learn more)
but this general guide will help you get started

As I told you in a previous letter, I am in
the process of creating a software to automatically
generate sales letters for you
with the click of
some buttons. I am actually fixing one bug we found
during our testing and we should be done.

Beginning next week, I will have the first
version out for you to get. You got to watch out
for next email though, because you are in for
a signifigant discount on this great new tool.

If you miss out on the next email, you may
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That’s it for today,

Partner to Your Success,

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

I am back to the US at last and I am trying to get
back to my old routine. It was the longest trip back
I ever done. I missed my fight in London so it took
53 hours in total to get from Cyprus to Los Angeles.
(Normal is around 18 – 20)

I will tell you more about it next time (I will also
post some more pictures)

Meantime, Read the following article (till the end)
there are some hidden secrets that can be very
profitable to you…

Selling Resell Rights Products on eBay Successfully
–by: Socrates Socratous

All sorts of things are bought, sold and traded on the eBay auction
web site.  Since the possibilities are endless as far as generating
revenue through eBay sales, many quick-thinking individuals have
been able to establish businesses that run completely on eBay.
Many vendors that do not even have a product of their own make lots
of money selling resell rights products.

It always takes a good amount of creativity and business-thinking
to make a business profitable.  In many ways, the Internet and
e-Commerce is still a new frontier.  If you want to make money on
eBay but have not yet decided upon a product, you can do what
hundreds of other eBay vendors have done and you can begin to sell
resell rights products to eBay shoppers.  Resell rights products
are easy to sell, easy to make money off of and can generate a very
nice profit in a small amount of time.  In addition to this, they
can be very uncomplicated to handle.

If you make the decision to sell digital information products with
resell rights, you can very easily make a good profit with very
little effort, especially if you automate the business process with
vendor software designed for eBay vendors and other online business
people. Software can help you keep track of profits and marketing
information so that the information can be used to contact
customers for future promotions or to redirect them to up-sells and
affiliate programs that you are associated with.

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eBook Business On Ebay and your website, Check out:

Here the things that you need to know about selling resell rights
products:  A good vendor will always try to negotiate resell rights
on any digital product that they are distributing or reselling,
especially when it comes to items like e-books and creative
products.  Reselling rights products sell well on the Internet
especially on eBay.

Resell rights gives the vendor permission to go on to resell a
product they have bought to an unlimited number of people
and keep 100% of the profits. It usually takes 1-5 sales
to make back the money that they initially invested in the product.
Obviously the goal is to sell many products and to begin to make a
profit. The secret here is that once you have the resale rights to
a product, you can sell it over and over again without having to
pay the author any royalties.

Resell rights agreements can be made with all types of digital
information products, whether videos, photographs, e-Books,
screensavers, music etc.  Buying resell rights products is
extremely profitable for eBay vendors if they do their homework and
purchase resell items that are popular and that sell easily.  Look
for resell products that are new, that are unique and that do not
already saturate the market.  This way, your chances of making a
profit are increased.

If you have hard time finding unique items to resell, you may purchase
resell right products in bulk and combine them in groups in order to
create unique packages. Buyers love combos.

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Here is the secret to make  you successful with Resell Rights
Products: Make sure to create your own unique sales letter to
sell your new package. Most sellers get lazy and skip this step. A
sales letter will be your salesman online. If the salesman sucks,
your bank account will also suck. If you get a good salesman (i.e.
sales letter), you are almost guaranteed you will be successful.

Next week, I will show you a tool that will create these sales
letters for you in less than 20 minutes. I am just putting the
final touches to this new tool. You will also be able to create
your auction listings in no time.

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. Stay tuned for next time. I will tell you more about my trip
and show you the new tool I created to help you create your sales
letters automatically…

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Posted by: Socrates Socratous

In my last post I explained how people think “backwards”
when it comes to starting a business. And this reason
is most responsible for their subsequent failure.

Today I am going to show you how to do it correctly
(At least how I do it). I will show you the formula that
has been proven fool-proof for finding the right niche
for you and what products to offer that people will come
asking to buy them from you.

Have you ever heard of the saying:

“Supply and Demand”?

Well, I like to see this concept a little differently!

“Demand and Supply”!

Which means, find the hidden demand first (problem)
and then supply the solution.

By implementing this strategy, you minimize the hardest
part of doing business; “Selling”

What is better?

To try and “sell” a product to a bunch of people or Let the 
people that want your product come and buy it from you?

Here is an example to help you understand this principle:

a) If you stand in the middle of a starving crowd with a loaf
of bread in your hands, people will be begging you to
sell them some bread.

b) But if you have a bread in your hands and walk down the
streets of Hollywood shouting:


“Fresh Bread”

“5 cents a slice”

do you think people will buy from you?

You want to position yourself like in example (a) if you
want to guarantee success. And you want to keep that
in mind when you start your research.

First, drop all thoughts and clear your mind of everything
you know about business.

Now think of the general category of a business you would
enjoy working with. If you have a hobby that excites you
it is a good place to start. Even though it is not a requirement
choosing something you are familiar with and you enjoy, will
keep you pushing during hard times to make it work.
General categories can be: gardening, sport cars,
pets, martial arts, parties, etc

Pick something very general that you enjoy working with.

Next you need to find people that share this same interest
and tap into their thoughts and problems to create a more
specialized group of people with similar problems.

No, you will not need any camouflage and wiretaps to find
out what you need.

The internet is a great research tool that allows you to
find everything you need to know, just by using your
computer.  The offline and the online world work very 
much alike. They offer societies, cultures, groups, communities
and many gathering places for discussions and help requests.

You can find an active group about virtually anything you can
imagine on the internet. You can search for:

-Discussion forums
-Newsgroups etc

Here is some resources to help you find communities and identify

After you find groups related to your main category, you should
start identifying repeated problems these specific groups are facing.
Any question posted on these boards, are potential money makers
for you.

One of the easiest way to create an infoproduct and to collect
a number of questions tightly targetted to a specific group,research
and provide answers to those questions, compile the information
to a deliverable format (i.e. ebook) and you are done. Then you go
back and sell it to those people that needed the answers in the
first place.

Another thing you need to look at, is the present demand for
the particular niche market you have chosen. And this is fairly
easy to determine on the internet by analysing the volume of
searches a specific keyword receives per month.

Find out if the market you have chosen has a good amount
of searches each month for its main keywords:

I would look for markets with over 25000 searches using
the tool above.

After you determine the niche market and the nature of the
product you are going to create (I will focus on information
products), you can either create the product yourself
or outsource it. You can easily find experts that are willing to
create your product professionally for much cheaper than you

You can go ahead and start your research now. In my next
post I will tell you where to find people to create your products for you
for really cheap and I will tell you how to do it for optimum

Stay Tuned! and dont forget to post a comment if you have a
question or a suggestion related to this topic.

Your Partner in Success,
Socrates Socratous

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

You want to start a busines but you have no idea
what to sell, to whom and why!
You don’t know what to do first and how to do it…

Most people start their business backwards. Or
the ones that havent even started doing business
are thinking about starting one …backwards!

You are probably asking yourself right now:

“What in the world is Socrates talking about?”

Let me explain…

Most people find a product (or even spend a fortune
creating one), most commonly
something they think people are gonna go crazy
about, then go and spend a truckload of money
trying to market this “interesting product” only
to find out they are not making enough to even
cover their expenses.

Some other people are “still” trying to figure out
the next big thing that is gonna take the world “by
a storm” and make them multi-millionaires! They
have better chances winning the lottery than that…
But honestly, I think people that belong to this group,
are just lazy and like to “hallucinate” on their commute home
from their 9-5 J.O.B. They know that the chances
of inventing the next lightbulb are zero to none, but
they like to comfort themselves with the idea.
Even worse, they don’t ever do anything towards
financial independence and they often complain how
they dont like their jobs, getting paid too little, etc…
These are the kind of people that would complain
they never won the lottery

…when they never played!

What I mean by “most people start doing business
backwards” is that they start by finding the product
and then try to market it, whereas the correct way to
do it is by finding the market (customers) and
then be figuring out what product to sell to that market.
Instead of trying to convince people how they need to
buy your product, you sell to people that are looking to
buy a product!

Got it?



So you thinking everybody is going to “need” a certain product
is irrelevant. You thinking that people will not buy a certain
product because of price, color, size, functionality, etc is also
irrelevant. You wanting and thinking will not change what
people will actually exchange their hard earned cash for.
You may be right or …wrong. That is what I mean by irrelevant.
And it is not like flipping a coin. Statistically people are wrong most
of the times.

So, what do you do to be right?

What do you do, to pick the right product, and offer it to
the right market and collect the money?

You dont want to sell ice to the eskimoes,
You want to sell bread to the hungry!

But you need to find the hungry first, and then sell
them the bread.

How do you find your hungry-starving market and
what to sell to them?

I think I gave you enough food for thought till next time.
Stay tuned for my next post where I will answer this

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

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