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What do *YOU* and Very Successful people have in Common?

I will tell you that in a second but first let me
ask you this:

If you are currently doing business on ebay, or
if you have ever tried to, you probably bought one
of those “wholesale or dropshipping lists”.

And soon later you realized that you have been
*scammed* since most of the suppliers on that list
either no longer existed or they were way too
expensive to make any kind of profit with them.

It’s true! It has happened to me and most of my
eBay Buddies…

Or have you been sold on outdated information that
used to work but no longer does? Old News, is no
news at all, I like to say.

-You know what I am saying don’t you?

-I knew it!

Most successful people have been “scammed” or have
otherwise “failed” their way to success, just like You.

What’s common between all these successful people is the
fact that they haven’t given up until they have found
the RIGHT information at the right TIME!

Then the road to success suddenly became clear
and they drove full speed to financial abundance.

Don’t you wish someone comes along and hands you
all the RIGHT information you need to build your OWN
successful eBay empire avoiding the scammers and
bloodsuckers out there?

My friend, and eBay expert, Jason James spent
endless hours putting together the RIGHT information
that he constantly updates on his private
network of resources.

He reveals Little Known eBay Selling Strategies,
Closely Guarded List of Real Wholesale Product
Suppliers & Drop Shippers, Step-by-Step Selling Guides,
Coaching Videos, Latest news, Fraud Prevention Techniques and
a whole lot of other excellent material that helped
many people like you find their way to success…

I have one of the memberships to his website
and I can tell you, this guy is the real deal.
I wanted to tell you about this resource last week,
but not until I talked to Jason and *negotiated
a chunky discount and lifetime membership for my members.

This is a special gift for you being a my
friend and success partner.

Grab your lifetime membership at the exclusive
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This is an exclusive bargain and wont last

In regards to when is the right time?

The right time is NOW! The soonest you get your
hands to the right information, the fastest you
reach your goal. It’s simple math.

Get your membership for life:

Catch you later,

Partner to your Success,
-Socrates Socratous,

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hands on the right information today and thank me later.
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+ A Long Term Customer Relationship Begins with ______.
+ Identify your customers and Build a _______.
+ The Buying Experience. Customers will
  judge your future behavior by how you ______.
+ A Good Specialized Tool is Applied _______.
Contrary to what many people believe, a
purchase does not end at the moment that
your customer pays you.  For the business
owner, a single sale is just the beginning
of what can potentially be a very, long
lasting relationship. 

The smart eBay business owner is the
one that views very single sale is an
investment in future sales. If you
conduct your business with an eye
on the future, it will not be very long
before you are lying in the sun while your
eBay business makes a profit for you
operating in autopilot.  In a nutshell,
you will soon be laughing all the way to
the bank!

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To begin to develop a targeted list on eBay,
you have to be able to identify those that
purchase from you.  You have to be able to
understand how and why they buy the
products that they do, store their
information and make a permanent association
between them and the categories of the
purchases that they make.  All of your
products should fall into a specific
category unless, of course, you only
sell one type of product. 

When you can associate a customer with
a certain type of product, you are able
to recognize when you have received new
items for sale that fall into the
category in which they like to purchase
items.  You can then contact the past
customer, let them know that you have
the product in stock and offer it to
them for purchase.

As long as customers had an impressive
buying experience with your eBay business,
they will not hesitate to return to you
for repeat purchases.  Customers will
judge your future behavior by how you
acted in the past.  This is why it is
extremely important to treat your customers
with respect at all times and to respond
promptly to their concerns both before
they purchase and, more importantly,
after they have paid for their purchase. 
Developing customer loyalty is a delicate
task and your best efforts can very
easily be destroyed by moments of

As an eBay vendor, you should aim to
capture information on every single
customer that purchases from you. 
This is a job that is best done using
a good, automated software package. 
The most important information that
you need for building a targeted
list on eBay is your customer’s
name and address and information
on the types of purchases that
they like to make.

The Best Way to Automatically Identify
Every eBay customer ever buys from you
and instantly build a highly targeted
list, is using tested specialized
software that does exactly that, and
does it WELL.

In my professional experience, I ‘ve
learned that you cannot match the
power of Specialized knowledge, and
a good Specialized tool *IS* automated,
applied, specialized knowledge that is
almost impossible to go wrong.

We have developed a Tool that Does
all of these and you can grab your
own copy at:

Partner to your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. Getting Specialized knowledge nowdays
is getting very expensive. Getting a Specialized
Software that can do all the tricks corectly
and Automatically will put you miles ahead
of your competition for pennies on the dollar

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