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Jeremy, who by the way is a brilliant product developer and marketer,
put together the craziest product bundle of all times and is practically
giving it away for pennies on the dollar, and if you did not jump
right in to secure an opportunity that was knocking you are missing out.

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I will assume that you saw the deal, and thought to yourself:

hmm… Good stuff, I will come back on tomorrow and
get this … and then you FORGOT! Ooops

Or you may have said:

hmm… How the heck am I gonna profit from some guy’s
source code?

Or maybe you thought:
Socrates should stop sending me insane deals like this one
because he is driving me crazy!
Well, let me tell you something…
Firstly, Opportunities come and then go FASTER than they came.
A common trait among successful people of all times is the
ability to make decisions fast and take action instantly. So
if you forgot, consider this a REMINDER!

If you are unable to see the hidden trasure behind this deal,
let me help you brainstorm.

Here are some things you can do to create a money machine with
these products:

1. You can just take the products as is, (They come with
sales letters and graphics) and put them on a website.
Then drive targetted traffic to the site to create cashflow.
(Just make sure you create a separate webpages to comply with
the terms of service)
Your VIP MyDD will handle the delivery for you

2. Brand them! Go to: or and hire
someone to brand the products with your name (for $50 you can
have products and graphics branded- Trust me) then submit the
product in clickbank and have all their people sell it for you

3. Make some reports or write some articles and put links to
your new webpages in them. Make sure to talk about or make them look
like a review of your new products. Then give them away for free
to go viral. (Just watch out dont bundle more than 2
products together since it is against the rules)
HINT: Even though you are not allowed to sell these products
on ebay (Terms), you CAN Sell your Articles and Reviews As reports
on eBay. Sell them for cheap and then whoever reads them, will click
on the links inside to go to your websites. This technique works wonders!

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4. Setup a page for each product (or just upload the ones that
come with the package). Then signup for
so that you can use their affiliate program. List your
products in their marketplace. This way you have an instant payment
processor and affiliate system in place.
But most importantly you have PayDotCom’s entire affiliate
force market YOUR products.

5. Upload the pages that come with each product to your website.
Then Drive PPC traffic for cheap and be amazed with the results.
You can use Yahoo as your PPC search engine. Yahoo will give you $25 worth
of free ads (that is 250 unique visitors to your pages). That means
Your Pages Are GUARANTEED to show up on the top of the FIRST
Page on when someone searches for your keywords.
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I am gonna stop right here. Anyone can see the opportunity above.
Now if you want to skip, dont blame me later.

The Price is going up SOON and there are only a Few  positions left
as I am writting this. So, hopefully you can make it if you
jump on it RIGHT NOW!

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Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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P.P.S What are you doing reading down here? The clock is
ticking and Mrs. opportunity is getting ready to depart…

Take Action Now

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

If you ever wanted to get my Ebook Delivery Software
but you were sceptical, this is your Chance to get
it as a Bonus…

If you are not familiar with MyDD, check it out here:
But don’t buy it from there. Read on to find out
how you can have it for $0.00 today…

My friend, Jeremy Burns, has just put together an totally
insane deal

You may be one of only 500 people on the entire planet to be allowed
in on this deal!

If you take Jeremy up on his deal (through the link below), I will
INSTANTLY send you a copy of MyDD at no extra cost. But you have
to act quickly because his price is going up in less than a week

How would you like an instant Internet business?
How about 10 for a fraction of the price of just one of them???

Well, if you act quickly, then you’re in luck!

This is your chance to snatch up the Full Master Resale Rights to
10 brand new HOT products.

Yes, you’ll get the full SOURCE CODE to eBooks, Software, and
Multi-media products that have never been sold before.

You’ll own them – they’re yours! So you can do just about anything
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You can Load these products in MyDD and and Instantly Put 10
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automated businesses just by acting quickly. (Let me know
if you need help with that, and I will be glad to show you how)

Here is the link for instant download:
You also get the following for each of your 10 new products:

* Complete source code and/or source files,
* Exclusive Master Resale Rights,
* Full web site templates with custom header, footer & background
* Multiple software box and e-Book cover graphics, and
* Web site sales letters.

This package has a value of many thousands of dollars but for the
next few days you get to pick it up for mere pennies on the dollar!

But, ONLY 500 people will be fortunate enough to secure these
exclusive rights. I already got mine. So go now and get yours
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Your Success Partner,
Socrates Socratous

P.S The price goes up every few days until it’s sold out, so get
yours right now and SAVE $100 instantly!
P.S You must hurry up and get this package to be eligible for the
bonus MyDD software.
P.S.S Also, You are allowed to give my software away too by sending
this offer to anyone that you think can find it useful. This is a
way of giving great value to your subscribers if you have a list.

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Posted by: Socrates Socratous
I do apologize if I havent posted for a
while now. See I am working on this exciting new project
that keeps me really busy (I will tell you more details
in a coming newsletter)… 

However I wanted to send you a quick email and let
you know of a new breakthrough that happened since
we last talked.

Let me ask you a simple question:

“Would you like to know what
 eBay buyers REALLY want?”



Because now there is a way to literally
find out what ebay buyers are *ASKING* for.

Have you heard of the eBay Want-It-Now section?

The want-it-now section is a place where hungry
ebay buyers post their request to buy a certain
product or service.

Then ebay sellers go there and respond to the
posts by pointing them to their auctions.

It ‘s Very simple yet powerful enough to make you
at least thousands.

So … here is the idea:

You basically need to find repetitive trends
in the want-it-now posts.

In other words, find related posts that occur
several times. This signifies a product or niche
idea that is in HIGH demand.

BUT more importantly, you need to find related
posts that have little or no responses from ebay

This signifies LOW competition … this is key!

One method is to copy and paste the want-it-now
data from the html source into a spreadsheet
program like Excel and sort the list.

Yup … as you can imagine that is NOT easy!

Well, here is the easy way …

Over the past couple I have been secretly
testing a new software tool created by my friend
Dave Guindon (who is a genius ebay expert and
programmer by the way)

This new tool is called AuctionYen (it has
nothing to do with Japanese currency) and
what it does is simply extract the want-it-now
data uncovering HIGH demand, LOW competition
product or niche ideas in minutes.

Plus, it can work with 4 different eBay sites.

AND there is NO better place to find what buyers
want than the Want-It-Now section!

Remember when I told you NOT to try and sell
Ice to The Eskimo’s, but instead sell Bread
to the Hungry

Well, this is exactly what you can do with this tool.

People tell you what they are hungry and will pay for,
and you just give it to them. It’s ridiculously


AcutionYen also comes with a VERY cool software
tool called Feedback Analyzer that helps you
extract the positive, neutral and negative feedback
comments from eBay users … this is handy when
determining if the eBay seller is legit or not.

Jump over to the website and check out the video:


Partner to your Success,
Socrates Socratous

P.S: If your looking for new product or niche ideas for your eBay
business or just starting out … this is the BEST and EASIEST
way to find it!


Posted by: Socrates Socratous

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