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A few days ago I got a question from a coaching student
of ours and I got her permission to post the answer on
my blog because I felt it can help you too:

(Note: we just completed our 4 week intensice coaching
program and we are getting ready to start the new one
on July 1st. More info about this here…)

Here is the email i got:

Dear Socrates,

It is very cool to meet internet marketers who are so
sincere in helping others.
You and Henry really know a lot about staying ahead of trends.

How do you do this? This is the secret to everything I suspect.
I love all of the knowledge I have gained. I am ready to kick this
into high gear, but not until school is finished.

Teaching is a dynamic, stressful enterprise and to do
anything well, I prefer working well, that means not
too much a day and still taking care of my health.
It is overwhelming when there is too much to do.

I know that in teaching, people actually study and come together
in groups similar to what you and Henry do.
What seminars do you attend? How do you stay a little bit ahead
of others? What page ranking numbers are best to maintain over
the long term ?

Some of the answers I have heard are that you watch your
competitors. That watching and efficiently managing internet
tasks perhaps better than others gives you tremendous advantages.

Henry and Gina really know how to drive traffic.
I have laid out my tasks and have prioritized how I will accomplish
my goals. I can not believe that I am not even a marketer yet and
my list of things to do is long. But I love the goal list.

I have a retirement future that looks extremely cool. I hope that
whatever happens with you in my classes that I am able to contact you,
Henry and Gina and share my successes.

You see I am near the end of my first plan, which is to retire
from teaching. This is plan one. Plan two is learn, understand,
implement internet campaigns. Yeah, this one is extremely exciting
to me because I will choose how I will use my time for my business,
health, and well being. When I grow up I would like to be like you,
Henry, and Gina. You are all such a passionate turn on.

Sincerely yours, Renate

My reply:
Hello Renate

Socrates here,

I am very genuine when it comes to helping others,
however what makes me sad is that a lot of people
get excited, pumped up temporarily and then they
go back to their old selves without really doing
anything with the powerful information I share.

The difference between people that get success and
the people that watch the former get what they want, is
that they learn, and take action on what they learn,
continously pushing their way forward.

It is not how many seminars I attend or the ranking
numbers. It is all about learn -> plan -> execute.
It is all about momentum. People that want overnight
success have better chances of getting it by
playing the lottery.

There is an even worse group that wish they won
a million dollars in the lottery, but they dont
even play!

Success comes slowly (phase A) but grows rapidly (phase B)
through leverage and momentum. The secret is to be able to
keep pushing through phase A and get to phase B.
you can visualize this by thinking of the snowball effect.

A small baseball sized snowball is rolled down a freshly snowed
slope. It grows slowly as it rolls down the hill but
it REALLY grows massively AND faster as it gains momentum

one cent will become 2, 2 will become 4, 4 will become 8
after you double it 3 times.
If you double it 18 times you make $1,310.72 (still in phase A)
and it took hard work to double it 15 times.

If you double it 3 more times, you make $10,485.76 (getting
into phase B). Double it 7 more times and you are a millionaire

10 more times and you are a billionaire.

All started from one measly cent. In fact here is the progression:

1 $0.01
2 $0.02
3 $0.04
4 $0.08
5 $0.16
6 $0.32
7 $0.64
8 $1.28
9 $2.56
10 $5.12
11 $10.24
12 $20.48
13 $40.96
14 $81.92
15 $163.84
16 $327.68
17 $655.36
18 $1,310.72
19 $2,621.44
20 $5,242.88
21 $10,485.76
22 $20,971.52
23 $41,943.04
24 $83,886.08
25 $167,772.16
26 $335,544.32
27 $671,088.64
28 $1,342,177.28
29 $2,684,354.56
30 $5,368,709.12
31 $10,737,418.24
32 $21,474,836.48
33 $42,949,672.96
34 $85,899,345.92
35 $171,798,691.84
36 $343,597,383.68
37 $687,194,767.36
38 $1,374,389,534.72

This is a figurative example to show you how exponential
progression works. This is how success works too.

You most probably wont double your money every month.
But if every month you make a 10% impovement from the month before
$5000 become a million after 32 months and 2 million 7 months later.

A dayjob works in a LINEAR fashion. If you make 5,000/month,
after 32 months you will make $160,000 and 195,000 7 months later
at your dayjob.

I hope this helps you see things clearer and understand the
power of momentum.

Talk to you soon,

Partner to your success,
-Socrates Socratous
P.S. I would like to post this along with your email on my blog
if it ‘s ok with you.

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