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** Build your Email List
Automatically with MyDD

** 4 Profitable Ideas to
Put into Action Immediately

Starting with MyDD 3.1, (released
Dec 11, 2007), MyDD can also be
integrated with ANY autoresponder
service or mailing list software.

This means that your website or
ebay customer can be Automatically
added to your mailing list at the
time of their payment (while you
are out doing something else)

this is VERY powerful. In fact,
MyDD can add your customer to
a DIFFERENT mailing list Based on
the Product they purchased.

This way you can keep your lists
segmented so that you can do very
targeted promotions.

If you haven’t downloaded MyDD yet go here:

Here are some profit boosting ideas:

1. Find some affiliate programs
that are very targetted to the
digital products you sell on ebay
and create an autoresponder series
promoting the aff. programs.
MyDD will handle the “adding” to your
autoresponder so you can make
autopilot commissions

2. Using an autoresponder system, send
your customers more offers automatically
at regular intervals after they
purchase. (after 1 day, 3, days, 5 days
etc). Based on my tests, I get
over 18% conversions up to the 8th
time I send an email about the SAME
offer. dont leave money on the table.

3. Use your mailing list to keep
bringing those customers back
into your ebay store for more stuff
(HINT: Ebay store items cost far LESS
to be listed)

4. And the biggie: Get your customers
to know you by automatically sending
them a series of emails. This
Relationship-Builder, will be
crucial when you decide to promote
ANY products to your customers in the

To download Version 3.1 today,
go here:

Stay tuned for my next
Success Boosting Tip

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. If you want to be ready to
take advantage of my next tip when
it arrives, Download MyDD here:

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One Comment

  1. Techie Terion 12 Feb 2008 at 7:56 am


    It’s funny I left a comment about using Ebay to list build on another article before I saw/read this one 🙂

    I am glad this feature has been added in especially since Ebay products are usually sold for so little profit you need to have back end / upgrade products for your customers to buy to make any “real” money.

    “Techie” Teri

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