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Posted by: Socrates Socratous on: Apr 11th, 2009

I sent the following email to my list some time ago and
it received GREAT reviews from many subscribers so I posting
it here for you.

Here it goes:

"Wanna know one of the most effective yet
simple strategies of making MORE profit with
resell right and private label rights products?"

See most people that buy products to
resell, are lazy.

In fact, based on my research, most are
TOO lazy to even do ANYTHING at all.
(yet they complain they cant succeed)

From the few people that actually put
up a site or an auction listing, only
an even SMALLER group makes SIGNIFICANTLY
better profit.

What does this small group of people
do differently?

what separates them from their competition?

What separates them from you?

It is called…


Big word isn’t it?

What they do is simply take a some time
changing the sales pages that come with
their resell right packages.

They add a bonus or two.

They work on the layout of the sales
page to make it different than the one
it came with.

The result?

Their sales page and Offer looks UNIQUE
it looks DIFFERENT than all the other reseller
pages (the lazy ones)

this way, when a visitor gets to their site
they don’t think…

"Oh, I ve seen this before.." and close the page

It looks NEW to them so they read the page,
buy the product and the seller’s bank accnt
gets loaded.

Why are most people LAZY to do this simple

Because doing it MANUALLY takes time.
It takes HOURS for each product.


They use Sales Letter Factory

See, I created sales letter factory because
I was lazy BUT I still wanted to take advantage
of this powerful strategy.

With sales letter factory I can take ANY
resell right or PLR package and re-format it,
add bonuses, change graphics, etc

ALL in LESS than 20 minutes

Now YOU have no excuse for not making
your sales pages UNIQUE

Till midnight tonight (Sunday April 12th)
you can get Sales Letter Factory for half off
through this subscriber special page:

This awesome product sells like crazy every day
at full price for a few more hours you can "steal"
it for half here:

The page comes down midnight April 12 (PST)

Till next time,
Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous
P.S. this is NOT a "skinny" version of Sales Letter
Factory. You get the FULL latest version including
ALL bonuses at a "skinny" price here:

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