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At a time where tons of people are being
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Posted by: Socrates Socratous

I get this question frequently so I decided to write a blog post to explain how I calculate how much to bid on keywords on my Pay Per Click campaigns.

Let’s assume that you want to sell a product for $50.
We will also assume that since you are just starting a pay per click campaign, you have no conversion rate data so we will use 1% clicks to sale conversion as an average. In other words we assume you will make 1 sale for every 100 clicks.

Here is the calculation: (SP-Pr) * CR

In this example,
CR (conversion Rate) = 0.01
SP (product price) = $50.00
Pr (profit you want to make) = $0.00 (to break even)

(SP-Pr) * CR => (50-0) * 0.01 => 50*0.01 = $0.50

50 cents is the maximum you can afford to pay for each click in this situation
(note: the calculation in parentheses is done first)

Say you want to make $20 profit per sale with the above product.
The new equation becomes:

(SP-Pr) * CR => (50-20 ) * 0.01 => 30*0.01 = $0.30

This formula only accounts for one product. You should have more than just one product in your funnel. i usually aim to just break even or make a small profit on the first product sale and the upsells/future sales are pure profit.

If you are an affiliate where you only promote one product this calculation can be very powerful. Instead of the product price, make SP = your commission amount. (I generally dont promote affiliate products with less than $20 in NET commission)

Lets see some examples of this equation: (SP-Pr) * CR

If you sell a product for $27 and you convert at 2%. you want to make $10 profit per sale.
CR = 0.02
SP = $27
Pr = $10
(SP-Pr) * CR => (27-10) *0.02 => (17) * 0.02 = $0.34 Max CPC

If you sell a $4 product and you want to make $2 profit per sale, and your conversion is 3%
CR = 0.03
SP = 4
Pr = 2

(SP-Pr) * CR => (4-2) *0.03 => (2) * 0.03 = $0.06 Max CPC

In other more complex situations, when you have monthly continuity programs, back end sales, etc  where the formula can become more complicated, here is what you do to easily calculate CPC.

First figure out how much you are willing to pay for each sale, then multiply it by the CR.

For example, if you are willing to pay up to $15 to generate a sale (lead), then do the following to find your Max CPC: (we assume 1% CR in this example)

$15 * 0.01 = $0.15 Max CPC

I hope this post helps you figure out your max CPC easier. Another factor when evaluating the viability of a product to be promoted on PPC is the competition. If you are trying to bid on real estate keywords that generally go for over $1 per click, but you can only afford to pay $0.20, then you should re-evaluate your product and strategy. (hint: Your competitors can teach you a lot. Check what your competition is doing and do the same)

Post your comments or questions below

Partner to Your Success,

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

If you sell ANYTHING online, the tip
I am about to share with you in this email
can increase your conversions and boost your
reputation Significantly.

So read this carefully…

Are you currently bidding on YOUR NAME and product
names on major PPC networks?

You are probably thinking…

Who would search for my name? Nobody knows me yet…

Let me explain:

Lets say you are selling a product on your website
using a sales letter.

Your sales letter claims that it can solve your
visitor’s problem and it has your name printed at the
end of the letter

The average visitor will come to your website and
leave very quickly.

A more targetted visitor will read your letter
and make a decision.

Buy or Exit!
There are also the skepticists…

These are the people that want to buy, but they are
still skeptical about You and your product.

These people typically head over to Google or
Yahoo and what do they do?

They will enter your name in the little box and
hit “Search” to find out more about you.

If you dont come up in the result, you lost them.
If your smart competitor comes up in the result,
You just offer him a customer.

This person may search for your name, product
variations etc.

If your website comes up at the top of the results, since
nobody else is really bidding on you, the person
will click on it, and land on a page geared to
boost your credibility; your Blog lets say

From there this skeptist will learn more about you
and you get the chance to get him as a customer.
This is a highly targetted visitor.

Unless your name is “Bill Gates” You wont get many clicks
this way, however the clicks are highly targetted and
they cost mere pennies.

Taking this a step further…

Bid on your competitor’s names
Bid on your competitor’s products
Bid on your competitor’s domain names

These are not as targetted as bidding on your own
name, since they are specifically looking for someone
else. You will need to construct your Ad and landing
page in a way to “steal” this prospect from your

Even if you are not interested in PPC, you should
at least DO this.

People have been invited on TV’s prime time talk
shows just by having their names on Google.
It’s very POWERFUL
I encourage you to Join me on a 4 week intensive
coaching program where I reveal a lot more about my strategies
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I am about to announce to you the launch of the
telecoaching program I mentioned to you yesterday.
However, I MUST hold it off for one more day.

I am a kind of confused right now in terms of
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When I mentioned about what I am going to cover.
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“Are you CRAZY?” — I replied.

When he explained to me that I GIVE AWAY all my
on how I get more than 2,500 unique
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He told me that it is almost like I am giving away
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I need your ADVICE!

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On the other hand…

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This is WHY I want you to do me a big favor. I
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Partner to Your success
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Posted by: Socrates Socratous

Does your online business have a tour guide?

I am not talking about the travel industry
I am not talking about putting on your safari boots

If you are doing any type of online business
pay close attention to this article.

If you are doing Adwords, eBay, Affiliate marketing
or anything else, then understanding today’s
concept can be the key to your success.

There are 2 ways to find a hidden city in the jungle.

1. By chance. Meaning that you wonder around the
jungle long enough that you found the hidden city.
Lucky you. Chances of finding the city are slim
to none

2. Get a tour guide. Meaning that someone will show
you the EXACT PATH to the hidden city. Your chances
of NOT  finding it are slim to none.

The same goes for your website as well.

Your Goal is to take your customer by the hand,
through your selling adventure, and make sure
he arrives at the destination on YOUR TERMS.

In other words, become the tour-guide for your customer
and show them the way.

Lets take a look at the following picture
(Told you I was a top notch designer 🙂 )

(Click for full image)

As soon as your visitor lands on your website
his journey begins. You can either let them
wonder around or take them by the hand and get
them to do EXACTLY what you want.

Your sales letter is part of your virtual tour guide.
Your sales letter is what is going to help your
customer make a positive desicion at every decision point.

Your journey map must be well designed before
you even create your website. Your website
must be build with the map in mind.

Some keypointers:

1. Eliminate any links on your page that are not
part of the map. You dont want people clicking away
and leaving your process

2. Your sales letter should be constructed to
help the customer make specific action(s)
will take them to the next step in the path. If you
fail to do this, you are a bad tour-guide and your
visitors will leave

3. Make the transition between pages uniform.
you want the customer to feel they are in the same
path (website)

4. Carefully test every decision point to know
the exact conversions numbers (how many people
went to the next step out of all people). This is
Extremely important. Keep in mind, without a map,
you wouldnt know what to test, and what effect
it has on your bottom line

5. Make it as easy as possible to go through
the journey
.  The easiest it is to go to the next step,
the more people will do it

6. Take the customer to the next step in the path
as fast as possible.
For example, when paying for
product A, redirect to product B upsell immediately.
People are “hot” when they buy. Dont wait for them to
cool off

7. Make sure you bring “lost” customers back into
the path (get an autoresponder series to keep
bringing people back)

Having a map like this one, and knowing your
numbers at every decision point is the key to
a successful online business.

Lets give a figurative example:

lets say 1000 people go to your page and 50%
(that is decision 1, conv = 50%)
That is a total of 500 people that went to
the next step

from the people that opted in lets say 2%
purchase product A
for $97. so we made 10 sales from
those 500 people. or a total of $970

Say from those 10 people, 20% buy product B
for $197. so 2 people bought for a total of $394

Total Profit: 394+970 = $1364.

Since you tracked all your numbers, lets try
and see what happens if we increased the conversion
of the Decision 2 point to 3%.

We make 15 sales of Prod A
We make 3 sales of Prod B

for a total of 1455+591 = $2046

That is almost $700 more just by working on a
specific part of our process to make it better.
(A small change)

Note: This was done with the same number of visitors.
and not counting the people returning from the autoresponder

If we better other sections of our system, the numbers
go up signifigantly.

You wouldnt be able to do this if you didnt know
your numbers and if you didnt have a map to work
So todays lesson:

Make a Map, take your customer through the journey
and test and track all conversions at desicion points.

Dont forget to look out for my email on thursday 9AM PST

 Please post your comments below.

Best Regards.
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. The lucky commentator from this past week’s comments
was BusyBee. Congratulations Busy Bee, you won a seat at my
upcoming Telecoaching Class.

Please post your comments below.

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

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