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Dear Blog Reader,

After MANY requests I am doing a
series of Lessons to educate
YOU, of all the stuff you can do
with MyDD to superBoost your Business…

Today’s Topic:

Multiple Item Sales/Auctions

Starting with MyDD 3.1, (released
Dec 11, 2007), MyDD can also handle
Paypal “Add to Cart” Buttons


Multiple Items on eBay. This means
that your website or ebay customer
can purchase More than ONE item in the
SAME transaction and MyDD will
automatically handle the SECURE delivery
of ALL items in that transaction.

If you havent downloaded MyDD yet
go here:

Here are some profit boosting ideas:

1. If you currently sell ONE product
on your website, replace the Buy now
button with an Add to Cart button,
and allow the customer to “ADD” an
cheaper related item to their purchase
(over 28% take My addon)

2. On your ebay store, you can now
encourage people to buy more items
for a shipping discount.
(MyDD will send all of them)

3. Have a “resource” type store
with ALL your digital products
on your website and send
customers AFTER they buy from
you on ebay for more stuff
(hint: use add to cart Buttons to
allow people to buy multiple
items from your resource store)

4. If you already offer more than
one items on one page, then
replacing the Payment links with
“add to cart links” can boost
your value per customer

To upgrade to Version 3.1 today,
go here:

Stay tuned for my next
Success Boosting Tip

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. If you want to be ready to
take advantage of my next tip when
it arrives, Upgrade MyDD here:

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Today’s Topic:

** Build your Email List
Automatically with MyDD

** 4 Profitable Ideas to
Put into Action Immediately

Starting with MyDD 3.1, (released
Dec 11, 2007), MyDD can also be
integrated with ANY autoresponder
service or mailing list software.

This means that your website or
ebay customer can be Automatically
added to your mailing list at the
time of their payment (while you
are out doing something else)

this is VERY powerful. In fact,
MyDD can add your customer to
a DIFFERENT mailing list Based on
the Product they purchased.

This way you can keep your lists
segmented so that you can do very
targeted promotions.

If you haven’t downloaded MyDD yet go here:

Here are some profit boosting ideas:

1. Find some affiliate programs
that are very targetted to the
digital products you sell on ebay
and create an autoresponder series
promoting the aff. programs.
MyDD will handle the “adding” to your
autoresponder so you can make
autopilot commissions

2. Using an autoresponder system, send
your customers more offers automatically
at regular intervals after they
purchase. (after 1 day, 3, days, 5 days
etc). Based on my tests, I get
over 18% conversions up to the 8th
time I send an email about the SAME
offer. dont leave money on the table.

3. Use your mailing list to keep
bringing those customers back
into your ebay store for more stuff
(HINT: Ebay store items cost far LESS
to be listed)

4. And the biggie: Get your customers
to know you by automatically sending
them a series of emails. This
Relationship-Builder, will be
crucial when you decide to promote
ANY products to your customers in the

To download Version 3.1 today,
go here:

Stay tuned for my next
Success Boosting Tip

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. If you want to be ready to
take advantage of my next tip when
it arrives, Download MyDD here:

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Jeremy is only releasing 500 copies – so be ready to jump on
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Partner to Your Success,
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Business selling and marketing continue to become more
sophisticated with the passing of time.  To get the most out of the
hours that you put into running an eBay business (or any other
business), you must use every resources and technique available to
you to increase sales and revenue.  Instant upsell techniques are
hugely underutilized on eBay.  Read on to learn more about how this
powerful technique can increase your revenue many times over.
Instant Upselling involves making a final sales pitch just before
or immediately after a shopper makes their final purchase from you.
 This technique takes advantage of impulse and encourages the
consumer to make a purchase without putting too much thought into
what they are buying.  Upselling reaches the consumer at the most
convenient time; at the checkout counter where they already have
their wallet open and they have already made a decision to buy.
Your upsell offer makes an additional purchase convenient for them.

Once a buyer has agreed to buy an item from you, they go through
the checkout process, just as if they were in a supermarket.  This
stage of shopping is the perfect time to encourage consumers to
throw a few more items into the shopping basket.  Think of the
chewing gum rack at the supermarket checkout or the popular
magazines that always grab your attention as you are about to pay.
More often than not, the consumer will say, “oh, why not”?  Instant
upselling appeals to ‘why nots’ in the exact same way. You can
offer an upgrade as an Instant Upsell or you can sell accessories
and other items that are related to the item being purchased. 

On the internet you can also take this a step further with “after
payment instant upsell”. In other words, you can do a second upsell
after the customer pays. Most Marketers don’t do this leaving big
money on the table. What you can do on ebay is to send an email to
the customer immediately after their initial payment with a Related
offer they cannot resist.

Most marketers don’t do the secondary instant upsell on ebay,
because they either dont know about it, or even if they do, they
have no idea how to do it, since eBay controls the checkout
process. Pay attention while I reveal to you how this can be done.
To properly implement a feature such as this, you will need the
help of some sophisticated software.  You will need software that
allows you to associate related items and automatically offer them
to your customers instantly after their payment.

Break for a Recommended Resource:

Automate the Delivery of your Ebay digital Products and Increase
your revenue by 500% using Automated Built-In Instant Upselling
Tools.  Grab your Copy from the following url:

In addition to good software that can be used on eBay, make sure
that you offer your upsell item with the most compelling,
well-written email copy. With a well-implemented upselling software
system you can double or even triple the amount of your average
sale.  This possibility is too good to pass up.

Take advantage of this underutilized technique and begin to make
the most of every resource and technique available to you as an
eBay vendor. Remember, there is no other way to do this, besides a
specialized system. Ebay doesnt offer you this. In fact, eBay will
return Your customer to other ebay auctions as an upsell, because
they know the value of this strategy. Get your own instant upsell
system today.

Recommended Resources:
Automate the Delivery of your Ebay digital Products and Increase
your revenue by 500% using Automated Built-In Instant Upselling
Tools. Grab your Copy from below:

Dont know what to Upsell Instantly? Just send your customers
to your own “Cool Little Website” where every click pays you
cash. Find out more:

Partner to Your Success,
Socrates Socratous

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List Building Experts on how to build an optin List of 100,000
members in 99 days or less.

I was also a surprise speaker at that event explaining
how I managed to kill my competition on 2 different list
building contests and win 1st prize. Anyway, I just got notified
that the full mastermind session (which was caught on video),
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Video products are being bought and sold online
with increasing popularity. As bandwidth continues
to increase, the possibilities and the ways that
the Internet can be used for commerce also widen.
Most of the various types of media have been
digitalized and are now available for download
via the Internet in some way.

Things move very quickly on the Internet and in
technology in general. Whereas, in the past,
a music file was considered to be a considerably
large download, these days, their size is quite
insignificant. Even large video files are
downloaded from the Internet on a regular basis.

Selling video products on eBay can be quite a lucrative
endeavor. Since videos are digital information and
can be handled as instant downloads, you can pretty
much run an eBay business selling videos and video
products on autopilot. This means that you have the
option of simply listing your video products for sale
on eBay, making use of software that allows customers
to instantly download your videos after making a
payment, to send automated, personalized email messages
to your customers and not have to worry about the
processing of video sales once items are listed.

If you make the decision to allow your customers to
download video files instantly upon payment, make the
information on your products as detailed and clear as
possible; answer all of their questions before they ask them.
Also, make it clear in your listing that the consumer
will be free to download the product immediately after
paying. For the most part, eBay customers will
expect to see a description of the video file, a
copy of the promotional cover if it is a commercial
video and the price of the video. All of this
information can be entered on eBay when you first
list the item. You can also consider putting up
a short sample of the video (ebay supports flash Video)

To allow the instant download of video files you will
have to give considerable thought to the way that you
offer this feature. In the past, eBay vendors might
have manually emailed download links to customers upon payment.
This option very quickly becomes tedious, especially as sales
increase. After all, it requires the vendor to be online
at all times to provide prompt service. Or it requires the
customer to wait until the next time that the vendor
is online before they can gain access to the file they have purchased.
Also Videos are still quite large to be sent as attachments.

Although a delayed response was an acceptable
option in the past, the expectations of the
average, online shopper increases at a
parallel rate to advancements in Internet technology.
These days, eBay shoppers expect to be able to
access their digital products instantly. You, the
digital vendor must keep up to date with your technology.
Resources for this Issue:

Automated Instant Delivery of Your Videos

Simple yet Powerful Video Creator Software

Partner to Your Success

Posted by: Socrates Socratous