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After my 3 day event on June 27-29 I decided to get away
and relax a bit. Afterall teaching for 3 days straight is not
as easy as it may sound.

Anyway we went to vegas for 5 days, then on the 5th day
we decided to extend one more day since we are having fun
then 6 days turned into seven before I realized I was
“vegased out” and decided to get back to cali.

So I posted some pictures as I promised you in my previous email.

Here is a picture of the “Welcome to Nevada” Sign we saw on the
way in

The view from the room was breathtaking to say the least. With
a full front view of the “Strip” I felt was in heaven.
Reason I took that room was the promise of a “panoramic” view
through floor to ceiling windows on both walls (corner room)

Here are a few pictures I took from the room (I took these
as I was writing my last email to you)




Speaking of piggybacking on other people’s advertising. You can
take it as BIZZARE or maybe as a great business idea…

When you thought you saw it all…

Ebay Slot Machines…. (Did you think ebay was into autions? hmm)


Here is a shot of me inside the Wynn. (yeah, that’s indoors)

I couldnt go to vegas and not visit the famous buffets. Here I am
on my 3rd plate

(which was a toped up plate of Alaskan King Crab Legs) mmmmm…

That’s the buffet at the Wynn if you are interested (about $35/person)



nuff said…

A closer look…



and AFTER…


Oh, lets not forget the dessert.

Creme Brule, Chocolate tart topped with gold leaves, tiramisu,
cheesecake, chocholate cake, and what else… Watermelon (my favorite)

Vegas was pretty Cool.

When you stayed inside that is…

Outside was HOT HOT HOT… 112 degrees per my car’s thermometer

(I saw it go up to 117 but did not think of taking a picture then)


And the California Agricultural checkpoint on our way back home



they lived happily ever after…

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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