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I am TOTALLY Blown Away by the amount of
replies I received to my last email.
If you missed it, I asked my
subscribers to reply with the answer
to the following question:

“What is the Single Most Important
Question YOU have about creating
Your own Information Products?

Also, out of all the replies I was to
randomly select one to win 2 tickets
to each of my upcoming e-events this
month and in January (value $2988).

I ll get to the winner in just a second
but before that, let me tell you one

The results of this little research
revealed that over 98% of you got it all

You got it ALL WRONG about Ebooks
You got it ALL WRONG about Resell Rights
You got it ALL WRONG about Info Products

Here is the million dollar lesson hiding
in this email!

**STOP treating EBOOKS and other
Information Products like COMMODITY ITEMS!

Each information product such an ebook,
audio product, video course, etc, MUST
be created for a SPECIFIC reason and it
should always be a piece of a BIGGER

You really DONT want to make your money
by exchanging an ebook for little bit of


There is a lot more involved than that
and 98% of people don’t realize it and
FAIL miserably.

Each info product, should be a link
to a CHAIN of actions, following up
from the previous action and leading
up to the next one.

and I am talking about upsells, downsells

For example, you sell an ebook about
dog training on eBay and you make $1


You gotta sell 1000 of them to make

However, when you carefully select
your 1 dollar ebook as a prequel to
a $97 video dog training course,

and 5% of your $1 customers take you up
on that offer, you only need
to sell about 200 of the 1 buck
ebooks to make your thousand dollars.

Selling 200 ebooks on ebay is a
heck of a LOT easier than selling 1000.

Even better, if your $97 video training
course is carefully developed as a prequel
to a $497 package, and 20% of your
$97 customers take you up on that,
you make another 2 sales for a total
of $1000.

Making a grand total of $2200 with the
same 200 dollar ebooks.

This alone can be the thin line separating
success and failure for YOUR Business.

Dont take this lightly!

Ok, back to our Lucky Winner…

and the lucky one to get 2 tickets
for each of my 2 e-events (value: $2988)

drum roll please..

the winner is:

Candace Sinclair

Congrats Candance!

I ll contact you by email separately
with the info about your prize.

Till Next time
Partner to YOUR Success,
-Socrates Socratous
P.S. Please post your Comments below

P.P.S If you havent reserved your
seat for my PLR secrets teleseminar this coming
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Is it actually possible to actually make money with PPC?

Maybe you are one of the people that got burned
with PPC and Adwords and you “gambled away” your
mortgage money “betting” on keywords

Maybe you are one of the people that did not get
burned, neither made any money. Just plain ol’
wasting precious time

You are not alone. The internet is full of horror
stories about people FAILING with Adwords.

There is also a smaller percentage of people showing
PROOF where they make thousands of dollars every
week with it.

Question is, Who do you want to be?

In real world more than 90% of the people live
paycheck to paycheck, struggling to get along.

But you chose not to be one of those. You want to
be the small percentage that makes the difference.

That is why you are reading my message right now…

So I will assume that you want to be part of the
smaller percentage that makes the money without excuses.

In December 2006, I decided to do a TEST.

I decided to enter a market I never had experience with
I decided I was not going to use my real name
and I decided I was going to make 10K a month in 3
months in this market alone.

My Plan was to do it with Google Adwords alone.

Beginning december I started working on my plan.

I did my research
I found an affiliate product
I created my adwords campaigns
and begun getting traffic…
Fast forward 3 months later…
(DEC 06, JAN 07, FEB 07)

Here are my results:
(Clicking on the images will open full graph in new window)

2006. Starting on the 47th week of 06 (Beginning December)
2006 Sales Graph Partial
The numbers accross the bottom indicate the number of the week in the year
the numbers in the boxes indicate sales value for that week.
As you can see above, by the last week of Dec, I made $2031 in a single
week.  (The very last week was a 1 day week in December and that is why it
only shows $170)

Beginning 2007. The graph shows up to March 3rd
2007 Sales Graph Partial
As you can see from this graph, by the last week of the testing
period I manage to make more than my goal of $10,000 in a single month.
$11,813 to be exact.

Considering my Adwords cost was only 35% of that,  65% of
that amount is pure profit.

In addition to that, I had a few other income streams tied into
the test which made an extra $2000 that doesnt show in my
Clickbank stats above.

(The graphs are created with CBAccountant. An excellent tool
that will download and analyze the data from ALL my
clickbank accounts automatically. It literally saved me
hours every day.)

Considering that
I had NO experience in that market
I had no JV partners
I was a total unknown
I started from zero

My success and system are replicable.

I dont care if you never used PPC before
I dont care if you got burned and lost your mortgage money

You are probably wondering why I used the word “betting”
instead of “bidding” on keywords at the beginning of this letter.

Because if you bid on keywords, you will make money
if you bet on keywords, you are most likely to lose

What do you want to do?

Bid or Bet?? You decide…

Biding requires some research, work and measures.
Betting doesnt require anything. Just head on to google’s
website and bet away money.
Coming up on wendnesday:
“The 3 most basic elements to making money”
-Without one of these 3 elements, you will not make a penny”

Please post your Comments below.

I will randomly choose a person that comments on any
article I post from today until Sunday March 25, and
award him/her with a surprise gift.

Till Next time,

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous
P.S. Please comment below and have a chance of winning
a surprise gift on Sunday.

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I had to share this…
I was going through the server stats of some of my websites and
I found something Really Interesting. Firefox IS becoming much
more popular I anticipated and it is happening fast!

Take a look at this screenshot from Oct 2005: (this site is in the internet
marketing niche but I will not disclose the domain name for obvious reasons)

As you can see from the picture below, 12.7% of the visitors to this
site use Firefox Browser. (Not bad huh?) [pictures are clickable]


Now, moving on to Oct 2006 for the SAME website. Take a look at
the new numbers below. Firefox is up to 22.4% of the website’s traffic.
Quite a gain isnt it?
That means for every 1000 people that go to your site 224 people
use firefox. If your site converts at a moderate 2.5% for a $50 product
that is $280 generated from firefox users.


I have been looking into many internet marketing websites (including
some Very Well Known marketers’ sites (below 10K alexa rank) that
break in firefox, to the point that the site is unusable.Using the same
example above, these sites lose $280 for every 1000 people that go
through that site. (And trust me, these sites generate many thousands
of visitors every single day)

Now lets look at some other examples (Non internet marketing related)
I ve setup simple site for testing in a niche that has nothing to do with
internet marketing and drove some PPC traffic to them for 2-3 days.

Here are the numbers from the 2nd site:

firefox 9.2%. not bad for non internet savvy people. they go with
their “windows browser” mosltly. But still, the number is signifigant
and can play a major role to your income. (say you make $10000 a
month, you can lose $920 every month if your site breaks in FX)


This gets quite interesting here with this other site. I dont even
know if I can trust these results yet, but I am showing you here

This site has 46.8% Firefox users???? (again, non internet marketing)


What I am trying to show here, is an increasing market gain for the
Firefox Browser after the push the get by Google
Question is…

Is YOUR website working correctly in Firefox? Make sure to check
it out ASAP.

What do you think about this experiment? Please comment below
(Also, If you know someone’s site that breaks in firefox, please
post a comment below to help each other fix their sites). If you
can’t check your site yourself, you can also post below to ask
for someother member to check it for you

Posted by: Socrates Socratous