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I am back to the US at last and I am trying to get
back to my old routine. It was the longest trip back
I ever done. I missed my fight in London so it took
53 hours in total to get from Cyprus to Los Angeles.
(Normal is around 18 – 20)

I will tell you more about it next time (I will also
post some more pictures)

Meantime, Read the following article (till the end)
there are some hidden secrets that can be very
profitable to you…

Selling Resell Rights Products on eBay Successfully
–by: Socrates Socratous

All sorts of things are bought, sold and traded on the eBay auction
web site.  Since the possibilities are endless as far as generating
revenue through eBay sales, many quick-thinking individuals have
been able to establish businesses that run completely on eBay.
Many vendors that do not even have a product of their own make lots
of money selling resell rights products.

It always takes a good amount of creativity and business-thinking
to make a business profitable.  In many ways, the Internet and
e-Commerce is still a new frontier.  If you want to make money on
eBay but have not yet decided upon a product, you can do what
hundreds of other eBay vendors have done and you can begin to sell
resell rights products to eBay shoppers.  Resell rights products
are easy to sell, easy to make money off of and can generate a very
nice profit in a small amount of time.  In addition to this, they
can be very uncomplicated to handle.

If you make the decision to sell digital information products with
resell rights, you can very easily make a good profit with very
little effort, especially if you automate the business process with
vendor software designed for eBay vendors and other online business
people. Software can help you keep track of profits and marketing
information so that the information can be used to contact
customers for future promotions or to redirect them to up-sells and
affiliate programs that you are associated with.

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Here the things that you need to know about selling resell rights
products:  A good vendor will always try to negotiate resell rights
on any digital product that they are distributing or reselling,
especially when it comes to items like e-books and creative
products.  Reselling rights products sell well on the Internet
especially on eBay.

Resell rights gives the vendor permission to go on to resell a
product they have bought to an unlimited number of people
and keep 100% of the profits. It usually takes 1-5 sales
to make back the money that they initially invested in the product.
Obviously the goal is to sell many products and to begin to make a
profit. The secret here is that once you have the resale rights to
a product, you can sell it over and over again without having to
pay the author any royalties.

Resell rights agreements can be made with all types of digital
information products, whether videos, photographs, e-Books,
screensavers, music etc.  Buying resell rights products is
extremely profitable for eBay vendors if they do their homework and
purchase resell items that are popular and that sell easily.  Look
for resell products that are new, that are unique and that do not
already saturate the market.  This way, your chances of making a
profit are increased.

If you have hard time finding unique items to resell, you may purchase
resell right products in bulk and combine them in groups in order to
create unique packages. Buyers love combos.

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Here is the secret to make  you successful with Resell Rights
Products: Make sure to create your own unique sales letter to
sell your new package. Most sellers get lazy and skip this step. A
sales letter will be your salesman online. If the salesman sucks,
your bank account will also suck. If you get a good salesman (i.e.
sales letter), you are almost guaranteed you will be successful.

Next week, I will show you a tool that will create these sales
letters for you in less than 20 minutes. I am just putting the
final touches to this new tool. You will also be able to create
your auction listings in no time.

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. Stay tuned for next time. I will tell you more about my trip
and show you the new tool I created to help you create your sales
letters automatically…

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