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Dear Friend,

People ask me the same question over
and over again:

How do I build a High-Converting Website
or Auction Listing to Sell my Product?”

Truth is my friend, you NEED a Professionally looking
sales page that is built using solid techniques
in order to succeed with any product or service
on the internet.

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However, if you ever tried to create your
own sales page using HTML or an HTML editor,
you know that it is not an easy task. In
fact it can be very time consuming and very confusing.

But that is just the looks of your sales letter.
It is important that you put each component
of the salespage on the right place otherwise
it will not be as effective.

For example, Prehead goes before the headline,
Subhead goes after the headline. Software box
or ebook cover should be placed at key places
of the website. Where to put testimonials,
where to put the optin form, the order box,
benefits, testimonials, images, etc.

Good News! You dont have to take a web
design class or a copywriting class to do all
of the above.

In fact any newbie without any experience whatsoever,
can start cranking out professionally looking sales
pages in less than 20 minutes… (Wanna bet?)

Here is the proof:

Stay tuned, next time I will share a big secret
with you that can immediately use to kill your
competition even if you are selling resale rights

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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Posted by: Socrates Socratous

I am taking a little break this Sunday
to write about something fascinating!

So, do you think grammar is important for your
ebay listings?

If you answered NO then you are correct!

Grammar is NOT important for your listings.

eBay works very similarly with PPC with the
difference that you don’t pay per click. BUT
it is mainly keyword based advertising. In other
words, when you type your search term (keyword)
in the ebay search box, eBay will go through all
the listing titles in their database and return
the results that contain the words you search

So your job is to make the title of your auction
as keyword-rich as possible. Grammar Doesn’t Matter
much. for example, a grammatically correct title
would be:


this title is a poor title that will not pull
as many bids (if any) because it doesnt contain
many keywords a buyer may search for.

Now look at this title:

Even though grammatically makes no sense, every word is
carefully selected to make this listing appear for
as many related keyword searches possible.


Spelling IS very important for your listings. A
misspelled keyword in your title, can cause you to
miss out on a lot of bids, just because people
will not usually search for misspelled words.

I said “Usually” because if you are a savvy ebayer
you will want to search for misspellings in order
to find bargains.

In fact you can be running a profitable business on
ebay just with misspellings and it is very easy to

Head over to this great website to find out how
Sandy Hall is using this strategy to make a killing:

Enjoy your sunday!

Posted by: Socrates Socratous