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If you sell ANYTHING online, the tip
I am about to share with you in this email
can increase your conversions and boost your
reputation Significantly.

So read this carefully…

Are you currently bidding on YOUR NAME and product
names on major PPC networks?

You are probably thinking…

Who would search for my name? Nobody knows me yet…

Let me explain:

Lets say you are selling a product on your website
using a sales letter.

Your sales letter claims that it can solve your
visitor’s problem and it has your name printed at the
end of the letter

The average visitor will come to your website and
leave very quickly.

A more targetted visitor will read your letter
and make a decision.

Buy or Exit!
There are also the skepticists…

These are the people that want to buy, but they are
still skeptical about You and your product.

These people typically head over to Google or
Yahoo and what do they do?

They will enter your name in the little box and
hit “Search” to find out more about you.

If you dont come up in the result, you lost them.
If your smart competitor comes up in the result,
You just offer him a customer.

This person may search for your name, product
variations etc.

If your website comes up at the top of the results, since
nobody else is really bidding on you, the person
will click on it, and land on a page geared to
boost your credibility; your Blog lets say

From there this skeptist will learn more about you
and you get the chance to get him as a customer.
This is a highly targetted visitor.

Unless your name is “Bill Gates” You wont get many clicks
this way, however the clicks are highly targetted and
they cost mere pennies.

Taking this a step further…

Bid on your competitor’s names
Bid on your competitor’s products
Bid on your competitor’s domain names

These are not as targetted as bidding on your own
name, since they are specifically looking for someone
else. You will need to construct your Ad and landing
page in a way to “steal” this prospect from your

Even if you are not interested in PPC, you should
at least DO this.

People have been invited on TV’s prime time talk
shows just by having their names on Google.
It’s very POWERFUL
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Till next time,

Partner to Your Success,
Socrates Socratous

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