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Hi there,

I am pretty excited today, I wanna do something for you.
I want to send you a brand new
Sony 2GB S610 Walkman Video MP3 Player. (Value $100)
All you have to do is answer 4 simple questions
and get a chance to win this really cool gadget.
(It plays, music, videos and the radio too)

Here is a picture of the prize:


So, here is how you can win:

Answer the following 3 questions by
selecting the answer and pressing vote
(note MUST vote for ALL 3
by clicking vote for each one. I will know
that you voted, but I will not know what
your answer was. So be honest please)

Question 1:
[poll=2]Question 2

Question 3

Post a comment with the answer to the following question:

Excluding income goals, what is your #1 GOAL for 2008?
(Your answer should be at least 3 sentences to qualify for the gift drawing)

Your votes must be in by Wed, Feb 6th, 11:59 pm PST
and the drawing will take place on thursday feb 7th.
The winner will be announced on this blog.

Partner to YOUR Success,
-Socrates Socratous
P.S. One more thing: In the next couple of days, I will
make a post on how you can make your entry count for
double. So if you want to double your chances of
winning, keep checking back regularly for the info.
(hint: If I were you,
I would bookmark the blog…)

Go and submit a comment with your answer to the 4th question now:
Q4: Excluding income goals, what is your #1 GOAL for 2008?

Posted by: Socrates Socratous

Rumor has it that I fell off the
face of the earth!

Sorry to disappoint 🙂

Truth is, I spent the last couple
of days in bed sick. I am a lot
better today but here is the kicker:

Apparently being in bed, I didnt
really spend any time in front
of the computer (other than checking
my email on my laptop)


I wake up saturday morning, turn
on my computer, and I logged into
my back office to check my sales…

Over $3209 in sales while I was
in bed sick for 2 days.

That is over 10 times more than
some people that I know make at
their full time job when they
actually SHOW UP!

All my sales come from the internet
and on AUTOPILOT which means wheather
I am there or not, sales will pour in.

And that, my friend, did not happen
by chance. I honestly worked hard
for it.


It ALL started with one thing
It ALL started on one single Place
It ALL came together with ONE Idea

It all started with Resell Rights products
on eBay and the idea of automating the

I can definitely and publicly admit
that using Resell Rights and using eBay as
a leverage, I built a six figure business
in less than a year.

Profiting from resell rights products
can be as easy as:

– Putting an ad on eBay
– Having a bank account
– Ability to check your email
* Following a proven BLUEPRINT plan

Oh, did I tell you that I am not

Other people that actually take action
can achieve similar results.

One such person is my friend John.
John has built a 6 figure business
by selling resell right products on

John also documented the whole process
STEP by STEP in videos.

I saw it!

It’s So Good
It’s a no brainer
It is Really Step By step.

Weather you are a totally new or a
seasoned marketer, this blueprint will
teach you things you didnt know ( i even
learned some things I will be using soon)

Today you can actually get your hands
on John’s Videos and the complete blueprint

In fact I am so excited, I ll throw in
my own bonus. When you get John’s Blueprint
today, I ll also send you the full
Private Label Rights teleseminar Audio
in MP3 format where you will learn
how to profit from PLR and How to outsource

Get the blueprint from my link today
and not only i ll send you the MP3, I ll
also send you the full 60+ page transcription
of the 2 hour event in PDF so you can
take notes, highlight important parts
and keep as a reference.

This is a $47 value, and you will get
it as my gift to you.

All you got to do, is get the blueprint
from here and forward me your receipt
by replying to this email.

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous
P.S. You can only get the bonus today by
geting The blueprint from MY Link below:

Posted by: Socrates Socratous