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I ‘ve spend the last 2 weeks on the
phone consulting and developing
strategic plans with clients.

Shockingly I discover that over
90% of the people I talked to, are
making the “poor man’s” mistake.

See, setting a SPECIFIC goal is critical
for your success.


Setting a GOAL that is UNREALISTIC
for your methods of trying to achieve
that goal, is suicide.

Let me explain…

Lets say your goal is to fill up an
Olympic sized swimming pool with water.

Can be done right? I see them filled up
all the time.

Now, if you are trying to fill up the
pool within 2 hours, the degree of difficulty

But it is not impossible

If your goal is to fill up the pool within
2 hours time by using your *garden hose*, then my
friend, you have set your self up for a disaster.

That is an UNREALISTIC Goal considering your
plan to get you there.

Reaching 10K-20K/month within a year’s time
with the internet is a common goal among the people I talk to.

However, most people that try to achieve that
goal, will never get there because they are using
the wrong plan to do so.. It is no different than
trying to fill up the swimming pool in 2 hours
with their garden hose.

Not only you need to have a specific GOAL, you need to
make the RIGHT plan to get you there.

If your goal is to get to New York from Los Angeles in
5 hours, you better take a direct flight. It’s a realistic
goal. People do it every day. If you insist on driving,
you will NEVER MAKE IT on time. When you insist on
driving, your goal becomes an UNREALISTIC one.

So, set a GOAL with a Plan to achieve it.
A Goal without a plan is just a dream.
A Goal with an Unrealistic plan is a waste of time.

Re-evaluate your Goals TODAY.

It made me so sad to realize this fact, that I decided
to offer a Bonus BIGGER than any bonus I ve offered

I decided to help you personally develop YOUR
strategic plan to reach your Goal. I will get on
the phone with you for 45 min and turn your business

Apparently this bonus is very limited by my time and
it available on first come first serve basis.

Here is how to claim this free bonus ($800 value)
when you grab my latest PLR special, you will
find big yellow announcement on the thank you page
that will tell you EXACTLY how to get your 45-minute
strategy session with me.

The PLR package is located here:

If you got this PLR package before, then
go back to the download page and look for the
Please don’t email me for the link to the download page.
If you lost it, please re-order. the price of this
package is so ridiculous for the value of this bonus.)

Why did I put the bonus on the thank you page of
this package?

Because my time is very valuable. By having to jump
through this hoop to get there, you prove to me that
you are somewhat serious about your success.

Talk to you soon

Partner to YOUR Success,
-Socrates Socratous
P.S. My time is very limited. This is only available on a first
come first served basis:

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