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I just got a disturbing email today from the
guy that created the largest internet marketing
firesale of the year…

This is the guy that cleverly convinced
over 100 of the TOP marketers to contribute
their best selling products into one
HUGE package that he sells for less then
the price of just ONE of those products.

Anyway, Vince (this is his name), was
supposed to double the price of this
package 10 days after the launch.



He just sent an email telling me that he
is taking the WHOLE site DOWN altogether.

This is the BEST DEAL of the year that
SELLS LIKE HOTCAKES! I don’t understand
WHY on earth he wants to shut it down???

It’s HIS decision after all.
Fact is, this deal is going DOWN TOMORROW

I urge you to go and get this package
right NOW before it’s gone forever:


This is NOT a marketing
trick. Honest to God, he sent me an email
that he is shutting it down for REAL.

Here is the part of the email he sent me
that makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR:

"Hi Socrates,

Firstly, a major announcement.
I have decided to close this firesale event
after Day 10. There will not be price increase
or extension […]

27th Nov – Thursday (last day!)
8AM EST 28th – CLOSED "

You owe it to yourself to jump on this deal
before it is gone. Trust me. I ve been on the
internet for a long time and deals like this
one are RARE!

go grab your access to over 100 top selling
products here:


Till next time,
Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. There are so many products on that page, it
may take a minute to load. It is TOTALLY worth it.
I STRONGLY encourage you to get this package now:


Posted by: Socrates Socratous