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Did you know that there are  2 types of website traffic?

The information I am about to share with in today’s issue is VERY POWERFUL and something not very many "experts" talk about.

When you understand the distinction between the two you will be able to grow your online profit multifold.

The First type of traffic is what I call  "NEW" traffic.

This "New" traffic is the kind you get when a visitor lands on your website the FIRST time. In other words they have NEVER seen your offer before.

For example:
Lets say you do pay per click (PPC) advertising where you get 500 fresh visitors a DAY to your website.
These people see your page for the FIRST time.
This is *NEW Traffic* .

The other kind of traffic is  REPEAT (or RETURN) traffic.

This kind of traffic consists of the SAME people.

For example, traffic from emailing your list every day, where you get 500 visitors to your site,  its the SAME 500 people as yesterday.

Why this is VERY Important?

Most people miss this point so pay attention…

With NEW TRAFFIC, If you have ONE  good offer that consistently converts 3% of your visitors into sales, it will CONTINUE to convert 3% every day because NEW people see the offer every day. (for as long as the page remains UNCHANGED). With NEW traffic, all you need is ONE sales letter and you can keep tweaking it to perfect it over time.

However, when you send REPEAT traffic to that salespage, the conversion will go down every day until it reaches 0% (even though your stats may show that you get 500 visitors to your site every day)


This occurs because REPEAT traffic, consists of the SAME people seeing the SAME offer over and over and over again. After the interested people buy this product, that’s it.

If you depend on your LIST’S  traffic, BEWARE!
Traffic from your List  is REPEAT traffic and you can only send those people to the same product page a limited number of times (6-9 times ) and then you have to go look for a NEW product to promote.

In addition to be constantly looking for new quality products to promote, you need to create new powerful emails that convert well, which can take a lot of time if you are serious about making profit.

I take every chance to "swipe" good email copy (with permission of course) and use it in my campaigns because I know it has been tested and it works.

When I found out that a great copywriter whom I respect did all the research, found 20 high quality products on clickbank and created a collection of 60 pre-written hypnotic emails that convert, I JUMPED into the opportunity and I bought them all.

I loaded these messages into my autoresponder system so now my REPEAT traffic will be getting ONLY 3 emails promoting one product and then promote the NEXT one.

All on autopilot.

When I purchased this package, I also got the PLR rights to it. Which means I can also make it available to YOU.

There are only a few left here:

* You can load these messages up into your autoresponder
* You can post them on your blog one at a time.
* You can use them as templates to write your own promos
* You can sell the package as you also get PLR with this
* You can sell the package on eBay as well

Heck, if you send/post one message a week, you ve got enough for over a year.


These are already written, and TESTED emails guaranteed to make you maximum commissions.

Till next time,
Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous.

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