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First I want to say thank you to all who participated in my survey this week. We got over 200 quality responses and I assure you I will be taking your input very seriously in my upcoming release.

Now, the cool part 🙂

As promised I am giving away 3 prizes to 3 lucky people who participated in the survey.

drum roll please..

ok ok,

1 Copy of Sales Letter Factory goes to:
Gary (no last name submitted) – partial email address: I am using XXX to hide part of the email for privacy since we got no last name)

2. A Sony MP3 Player goes to: Virginia Holst

3. a 6 month membership to Resell Rights Fortune goes to: Timothy Caron (you will receive access as soon as we launch)

I ll be contacting the winners via email soon to arrange how to send your gifts.

Thanks again.

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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I need your help on a project that I am currently working on.
It is very simple and for helping me out you can win a great prize

It will only take 5 minutes of your time to be of great help.
All you have to do is fill out the following survey to the best of your ability and you could be a big winner 🙂


1.  Sony MP3 Player ($100 value)
2.  6 month access to thousands of PLR/Master Resell Rights Products ($282 value)
3.  a copy of Sales Letter Factory software ($67 value)

To enter the drawing for a prize, all you have to do is complete the following survey. Winners will be announced on May 22nd.

*Tip:  The survey will go out to a select limited number of people. Your chances of winning a price are pretty good.

PLR = Private Label Rights
MRR = Master Resell Rights

Thank you
-Socrates Socratous

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What is the secret to success?

How can you possibly succeed in
anything you desire?

You see people starting from a really
bad place and end up at the top.

You see people who succeed repeatedly in
almost everything they do (or so it appears)

But HOW is this possible?

I will tell you MY secret but first, does
the following sound a bit close to home?

 * I am never gonna succeed
 * This is cr*p
 * It doesnt work
 * Economy sucks
 * It’s been 1 month already & I’m not rich
 * all my friends have tried and failed
 * My mom said it’s a scam

 * blah blah and yada yada

I hear this every day and guess what…

it ALWAYS comes from people that aren’t
successful (yet) and they will NOT be
successful for as long as they continue
on this path.

Step 1. Feed your mind

Indulge on the good stuff
When you want to lose a few pounds, you go
on a diet. the concept is the same here.
Think of this step as a “mind diet”. It has
nothing to do with eating even though foods
can make a difference on how well you feel.

If you want to be successful, you got to
“feed” your mind with the RIGHT INFORMATION
that will help you achieve that goal.

You ve got to feed it with things like:

 * knowledge about the area you want to succeed
   (study the right information)

 * Positive thoughts and reaffirmations
   (DO NOT allow yourself to doubt your ability to
   get what you want)
   Here is a trick: if you catch your self thinking
   negatively, conciously tell yourself to switch to
   positive thinking. you will be amazed with the result

 * Key associations
   Pursue hanging out with like minded people
   Find individuals who are driven for success
   (better if they are more successful than you)
   and meet with them regularly. HINT: your
   current friends are most likely NOT in this group

 * Imagine
   Every day, take a few minutes to IMAGINE
   your life at success.
    – Where will you live,
    – what car will you drive,
    – who are your friends,
    – what charities will you be helping,
    – what kind of flowers will you have on the frond yard,
    – where will you travel to
    – etc

   BE Detailed. a great visualization
   technique is to make something called
   a “visionboard”. This is a board where
   you put images you cut out of magazines
   or other publications, of things, people or
   places that resemble your desired world

Stay away of the bad stuff

As with any diet, you got to AVOID certain
kinds of other information that will hinder your

 * Avoid people who bring you down.
   Quite often these are people close to you
   If it is very hard to completely avoid them,
   try to avoid conversations around your success
   Keep conversations amongs these people, around
   things THEY like. This will help raise the
   “positiveness” in the room
 * Avoid the news.
   News is… well … BAD news.
   You dont want to poison your mind with every
   bad thing that happens in the world. Trust
   me, you can LIVE better without that information.

 * avoid trying to reinvent the wheel.
   Almost always, someone has been there, done
   that. Try tapping into that knowledge instead
   of re-discovering it from scratch.

 * NEVER allow yourself to say you CAN’t
   Why? Because you CAN.
   YOU CAN, YOU CAN! Chisel that into your

Dieting is VERY SIMPLE. Eat less calories
than you burn. That’s IT. however most people
dont achieve their weight goals. WHY? because
they CHEAT. They are also in denial they do that.

Success is also like that. Everyone gives it
a shot. most people do NOT achieve it. Why?
Simple. They CHEAT. They dont stick to the
proper “Success Diet.”

STAY Motivated
Stay on TRACK

Nurture your mind for success and you WILL SUCCEED

Go get started.

Parter to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous
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