I am amazed with how much money people leave on the table when they sell products online.

You have to understand the concept of online real estate . Not all pages or links are created equal. I am not talking about adsense or similar. I am referring to places in your OWN network of pages that are more valuable than others.

For example, when you sell a downloadable product, naturally the person that buys the product will need to download it. So you give him a link to download the product. Lets say that’s a thank you page. Since the person has to pay before he can land on that page, only customers will see it .

So you have a page that is visited with PAYING customers. also, the timing is important here. The paying customers visit this page SOON AFTER they already paid for the product. They may even still have their credit card out. This specific page is more valuable than most other pages on your website. If you include a special discount for your other product on this thank you page, you WILL increase sales

If you sell ANY PRODUCT. From plr, to resell rights to ebooks to anything that can be put on a "thank you" page. ALWAYS have at least one ad for your other product or service at a special price. It will do wonders. If you dont have another product, use an affiliate product.

As you can see in the above example, we identified a very valuable piece of "virtual" real estate and we exploited it to increase sales .

Similarly we look for more such valuable areas. Lets stay with the buying process. When you sell a product an email is sent to your customer (if you are not sending one START TODAY ). That email is another valuable piece of online real estate. The buyer will be looking for that email, so send him one and guess what should be included?

That’s right!

An invitation to buy something else for you. DO IT.

The INSTANT upsell…

Before you take the buyer to the download page, show them a "new customer only offer". Since the customer will be looking for his download link, he will not rush to close that page. He will most likely skim it even if he is not interested right of the bat. But guess what? Instant upsells convert upwards of 15% for products triple the price of the original (in my tests)

So far I told you 3 simple ways to Double your sales.

  1. Cross Promote your other product at a discount on your thank you page
  2. Send an instant email after each sale and include have an invitation to buy something else
  3. Show a "New Customer Only " Offer immediately after they pay you (before they see the download page)

The goal of this article is to help you identify valuable real estate that you ALREADY OWN and how to exploit it to increase your profits. The 3 examples above can be put into action right away. But use the same principles to identify more places that you can utilize.

Till next time,
Partner to Your Success
-Socrates Socratous

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Posted by: Socrates Socratous