What is the Difference between
Google and Ebay that could make
YOU profit FAST?

made your guess?

ok, lets see if you got it right

See, this difference has nothing to
do with their technology nor their

It is a difference between the
crowds that visit the two websites.

Google’s visitors are people looking
for INFORMATION on "something"

Ebay visitors are people looking
to BUY a "Something"

BUT you ask,

"I visit both ebay and google and
a LOT of people do the same, aren’t we
the SAME crowd?"

YES, EXACTLY. you are on to something!

We are NOT talking about 2 completely
different crowds. It may well be the
exact same crowd that visits both sites.

Here is the big SECRET

The difference is in the TIMING!

People visit google WHEN they want
to find information and they visit
eBay WHEN they want to buy something.

EVERYONE buys things. Wouldnt it be great
to be able to talk to your prospects

But WHAT DO I sell?

You should sell something that meets
the following criteria:

– Something that you can get MORE of
– it has a high margin for profit
– That can serve as the "prequel" to
back end products
– Requires the LEAST of your time
– Potential to automate your process

My number ONE choice for these type of
products is…

Digital content on CDs and DVDs

Yes, I am talking about INFORMATION
such as a book on CD or a software
or an audio book etc.

Products with Private Label rights and
Master Resell rights are ideal.

It is SO easy to sell them.
it goes like this:

get a bunch of ebooks, and post your listing
on ebay. AFTER one sells, burn it and
send it. Try again. over time you will
find the ones that sell well and ONLY sell

Easy. Simple. Brilliant

Do IT.

When you use the MyDD software from
you can automate the entire process
(it even integrates with kunaki to
automatically burn and send your CDs)

I PERSONALLY built MyDD about 6 years ago
I LEARNED programming Just to build this
tool and have been using it ever since.

It became so popular that I hired a full
time programming team to keep upgrading it
and maintain this awesome system.

Download it from:


Till next time,
Partner to YOUR Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. Bottom Line If you are not selling
digital product CDs on eBay you are missing out.
Download MyDD and get started today:


Posted by: Socrates Socratous