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By now you probably heard the buzz about the
death of internet marketing.

Everybody is getting scared that their online
business is going to die a painful death.

Let me tell you something…

Internet marketing is alive and well!


Your business may indeed be dying a slow death
like most businesses that are not based on
a strong foundation and a clear vision.

I am sick and tired of all these internet
marketing “gurus” (Yes Mike I totally agree about the quotes here 🙂 )
that are spawing everywhere around the net
day after day, “teaching” people how to become
successful online.

Truth is, most of these “gurus” dont even
make any money for themselves, how could they
be selling information and teaching others
how to do what they dont know how to do?

Here is how it usually goes:
You read an ebook, or take a course or attend
a seminar and they teach you…

“Pick something that you really love, a passion,
find a problem in that field (niche) and provide
information how to solve the problem”

Since you are just getting into internet marketing
you love it, it’s your newfound passion, you
see how the teacher is so successful, so
you go home and what do you do?

That’s right! you find a problem in your new
“passion”, internet marketing that is, and you
Solve it 🙂

SEO, List building, adwords, adsense, you name it

So you go on and make your new passion to
be your business. You dont realize that those
are the tools you can use to conquer Any *Other*

You are not supposed to use those tools on
the same market that provides them to you. They
become ineffective very quickly.

Its like you want to go into war, so you go
and train with the marines. Then you decide to
go back and fight against the marines with
the same strategies they tought you. Do you see
how everything you learn becomes ineffective
to both sides? They know your every move and
why you do it!

Of course the marines havent told you everything
so they win the battle and you lose!

Now imagine if you actually went on to
fight a country with no military training instead.

You see the difference?

Don’t confuse your tools with your market.
Use the tools and strategies given to you to
markets that dont want to be doing what you
are doing.

A market that I am particularly involved with
is the music market. Now people interested in
music are not interested in marketing music related
products are they? They are interested in listening
and learning about music and they will pay
for that. No competition with everyone.

When you go to the music store to buy a CD
you pay top dollar for it because you want that
CD. You are not really interested in opening a
music store. However, the music store, uses
marketing tools to market their CDs.

see what I mean?

This whole problem would have been prevented
if you were told:

“Pick something that you really love, a passion,
[Other Than Internet Marketing]
find a problem in that field (niche) and provide
information how to solve the problem”

I hope this comes as an eyeopening message to
you and you go on to build a very successful
internet business. See you at the top!

Next time I will tell you how to find underdeveloped
niches and ways you can utilize them…

Till next time

Partner to your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

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what you think about this post. -Thanks

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Over the past few weeks I ‘ve been secretly watching
over Henry Gold’s shoulder while he was preparing
to let out the biggest Secret of online business ever
revealed. (In fact this can be applied in ANY business)

Henry and I spoke over the phone almost daily and when
he told me he was about to reveal one of his best kept
secrets I was Shocked!

Actually he told the secret to a handful of his best
coaching students and the results are at least amazing.
You can see the case studies on his blog here:

I know the secret. Part of it I already knew and I can say
it is the major part of my success online, however, Henry
refined it, and completed it, so that it is 100X more effective.

It is the Simplest thing, but if you are missing it,
are are literally missing the boat. I will be working on
Implementing the secret on all my websites and I can only see
my profits skyrocketing.

Tomorrow, at 12 EST Henry plans to take the Internet community
by storm when he releases the Copywriting Secret to the Public.
This means that FINALLY YOU will learn the one thing that will
be the most responsible for your online success.

I will be sending another email to you tomorrow to let you
know where to get the secret. I will be throwing in a BONUS you
dont want to miss out on, so watch your mailbox for MY email
tomorrow morning.

You will thank me for this.

Here is the blog to see what I am talking about:

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. I probably sound like I am pitching here ,
but let me tell you this, I have been an “insider” to this and
I know the true value of it. It’s probably because I am very excited.

Don’t forget to check your email tomorrow for my bonus.
Here is the blog to read more and listen to the audio:

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I had to share this…
I was going through the server stats of some of my websites and
I found something Really Interesting. Firefox IS becoming much
more popular I anticipated and it is happening fast!

Take a look at this screenshot from Oct 2005: (this site is in the internet
marketing niche but I will not disclose the domain name for obvious reasons)

As you can see from the picture below, 12.7% of the visitors to this
site use Firefox Browser. (Not bad huh?) [pictures are clickable]


Now, moving on to Oct 2006 for the SAME website. Take a look at
the new numbers below. Firefox is up to 22.4% of the website’s traffic.
Quite a gain isnt it?
That means for every 1000 people that go to your site 224 people
use firefox. If your site converts at a moderate 2.5% for a $50 product
that is $280 generated from firefox users.


I have been looking into many internet marketing websites (including
some Very Well Known marketers’ sites (below 10K alexa rank) that
break in firefox, to the point that the site is unusable.Using the same
example above, these sites lose $280 for every 1000 people that go
through that site. (And trust me, these sites generate many thousands
of visitors every single day)

Now lets look at some other examples (Non internet marketing related)
I ve setup simple site for testing in a niche that has nothing to do with
internet marketing and drove some PPC traffic to them for 2-3 days.

Here are the numbers from the 2nd site:

firefox 9.2%. not bad for non internet savvy people. they go with
their “windows browser” mosltly. But still, the number is signifigant
and can play a major role to your income. (say you make $10000 a
month, you can lose $920 every month if your site breaks in FX)


This gets quite interesting here with this other site. I dont even
know if I can trust these results yet, but I am showing you here

This site has 46.8% Firefox users???? (again, non internet marketing)


What I am trying to show here, is an increasing market gain for the
Firefox Browser after the push the get by Google
Question is…

Is YOUR website working correctly in Firefox? Make sure to check
it out ASAP.

What do you think about this experiment? Please comment below
(Also, If you know someone’s site that breaks in firefox, please
post a comment below to help each other fix their sites). If you
can’t check your site yourself, you can also post below to ask
for someother member to check it for you

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I Hope you had a great Halloween day yesterday!
Time to get back to business 🙂

Here is a great article I just finished writing.
Read all of it. It is based on a great concept that
if you grasp it, it can change the way you do
business once and for all…

When you are trying to develop a strong customer base or
launch a business, you often need a hook to grab the
attention of shoppers.  Once you have their attention,
you want to reel prospects into your marketing funnel
and get them to buy as much from you as possible.

Smart vendors use a technique of “prospecting”.
This involves offering items for sale at absolute bargains
and the most incentives, in order to bring customers in,
and then once they are in the door and ready to buy,
offer them your real products of higher value.
The job of convincing them to buy has already been taken
care of and it takes far less work to encourage
them to buy more.

The key to upselling is to offer items that are related
to the item that the consumer has already decided to buy.

In fact I like a better a less known approach to this
technique and that is, doing it in reverse. Instead of
upselling related items (where you have a main item and
then you upsell other related things), have your main
item as the upsell and develop cheaper products to use
as front end sales.

In other words you have a main product, then find or
develop cheaper tightly related items to sell
in order to drive prospects to the main item. This way you
can develop as many “front end” items as you want, driving
traffic to your main product or product line, which in turn
can be automated and systemized.

This technique is especially powerful when used with eBay.
A buyer that has already made a decision to buy already
understands your product and its benefits.
They have already made a decision that they trust buying from you.
What better candidate can exist for an upsell?

Specialized software is available to help you automate
the tedious task of associating products for upselling.
If the items you sell are informational in nature,
you can use a software package that provides the instant,
digital download upon purchase and of offering items for
upsell at checkout. Software like this, will automate most
of the process allowing you to focus on getting more sales
and growing your business.

Feature Software:

Automate Your Digital Product Delivery and Start Prospecting
Today with MyDD

As a principle, always provide stellar service.
Consider every sale that you make on eBay as an investment
in future sales.  Shoppers are always ready to brag about
a great buying experience they have had, as they are also
very willing to spread the word on any negative experiences
that they have too.  For you, the seller, eBay feedback
provides the perfect venue for buyers to praise the way
that you have dealt with them and to boost your eBay business.

Till next time,

Partner to Your Success,
-Socrates Socratous

P.S. Here is the Tool I personally developed and use every
day to do my prospecting and send my digital products both
on eBay and my websites:

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